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Humanoid robot proves itself in the plastic display panels production

Humanoid robot proves itself in the plastic display panels production

News 04.08.2015

The robotics and image processing specialist company pi4 has supplied one of the first workerbot humanoid robots of the second generation to the company PAS Deutschland in June 2013 and the robot has been meanwhile guaranteeing perfect products around the clock. The robot there controls and packs plastic display panels immediately after they have emerged from an injection moulding machine and have been laid down on a conveyor belt. 100 percent control enables fault-free products in highest quality for the worldwide washing machine market. On account of its speed, the workerbot can simultaneously inspect products from 2 unsynchronised injection moulding machines and pack them in trays. The workerbot is capable of working several hours without any intervention by an operator, as it can e.g. fetch new trays from a buffer stock in the production cell entirely on its own.

"By using the workerbot, we underline here in Neuruppin our technology leadership, precisely control excellent product quality and ensure Neuruppin as a production location by ensuring favourable production costs", stresses PAS Deutschland's Plant Manager Martin Fuchs. "We decided to use the workerbot because only minimum alteration to the existing production line has been required, due to the humanoid construction, and because the robot can be used flexibly and universally for other tasks with future product changes. This ensures that our investment is sustainable", Martin Fuchs explains.

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