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FKuR Polymers expands portfolio with new TPE and Bio-TPE grades

FKuR Polymers expands portfolio with new TPE and Bio-TPE grades

News 21.12.2016

Terraprene-woodfiber square.jpg

Woodfiber filled Terraprene®

The compounding specialist FKuR Polymers has expanded its portfolio of polyolefin compounds and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) for injection molding and extrusion applications. The portfolio now contains a variety of TPE based on SEBS and SBS as well as bio-based TPEs with a high to a very high proportion of renewable raw materials.

Christian Dohmen, Managing Director, states: “TPE have been the focus of FKuR Polymers since its founding in 2015. Now we can offer these strategic products to the market. For example, with our SBS and SEBS based Macoprene® S product types, we cover the hardness range from Shore A20 to Shore D40. TPE types based on SEEPS will follow.”

Co-managing Director Patrick Zimmermann adds: “Another development goal of FKuR Polymers is the production of bio-based TPE. As a first result, we were able to present at K 2016 Terraprene® grades from the higher hardness classes, in which we have substituted up to 90% of the petroleum-based raw materials by renewable resources. At present, we are working to achieve such high proportions within the softer grades. In doing so, we are always closely aligned with the requirements of our customers in order to be able to offer them tailor-made products in addition to our standard grades.“

For FKuR Polymers, the participation in K2016 proved to be an important decision and was very successful. “As we saw, the interest in Bio-TPE is enormous. We have returned from the exhibition with a large number of specific inquiries that confirm the direction of our development activities and have generated further new ideas”, says Dohmen.

FKuR Polymers produces its portfolio at the state-of-the-art compounding plants of FKuR Kunststoff GmbH and thus, ensure a high quality standard.


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