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CleanPlus: a purging compound innovation from VELOX

CleanPlus: a purging compound innovation from VELOX

News 28.12.2016

VELOX has recently premiered a new series of purging compounds. According to the company’s representatives, the new product makes it possible to reach savings of as much as fifty percent in money and time alike compared to purging compounds from competitors.

The new CleanPlus compound series includes three product types suitable for extrusion lines and injection molding machines alike. These can be used with resins such as PP, PO, PVC, TPE and TPU.

VELOX states that CleanPlus not only enables quicker material and color changes and flushing out accumulated deposits. The new compound is equally well suited for screw protection from corrosion during extrusion equipment shutdowns (sealing). According to the company, this keeps subsequent machine startups trouble-free and reduces waste considerably.

Enno Stapel, Product Manager at VELOX, explains, “With CleanPlus, we are pleased to have developed an absolutely efficient and cost-effective solution for some problems in plastic processing. Our 20-year long experience in manufacture of purging compounds has helped us to develop a product that saves the customer up to fifty percent of time and material — and thus, a lot of money.”

The new product is supplied ready for use, with absolutely no preliminary drying or mixing required. The compound is not abrasive and can be safely handled by both machine and operator.

Besides that, according to VELOX, CleanPlus promotes faster cooling of extrusion lines, as well as easier screw pulling, as the compound does not adhere to metal surfaces.

“After customer testing, our new compound has been rated as excellent. We are very pleased about this, and it confirms our ambitions to take on and solve problems in production. We would like our customers to manufacture — it is better if our compounds do the cleaning,” concludes Stapel.

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