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Moldex3D gets the important Taiwan Excellence Award

Moldex3D gets the important Taiwan Excellence Award

News 05.01.2017


CoreTech System (Moldex3D) has received the Taiwan Excellence Award: Moldex3D CAE software for injection molding of plastics was prestigiously chosen among almost 1,200 products submitted by over five hundred companies in 2016.

Dr. Rong-Yeu Chang, Chairman and CEO of the company, spoke for the occasion: “Winning this award is truly an honor and indeed a great recognition of Moldex3D’s core value. Over the years, Moldex3D has persisted to dedicate our energy and resources to diligent research and development in advanced simulation technologies for plastic injection molding and aimed to provide our customers practical solutions to grow and succeed in their industry sectors.”

Every year, Taiwan Excellence Awards are granted by Bureau of Foreign Trade of the Thai Ministry of Economic Affairs. It is the only national selection that is both prestigious and thorough in considering every R&D, design, quality, and marketing trait of the products. The award highlights the innovation value of products bearing the Made in Taiwan label, picking the very best ones: highly competitive, innovatively developed, with high marketing and branding abilities.

The key features of Moldex3D solution for plastics engineers are its simulation capabilities. The new software enables complex simulation and visualization of many processes occurring during injection molding. Thanks to precise simulation of real production parameters, it assists users in predicting possible design defects before starting actual manufacture. Moldex3D boasts tangible and spot-on benefits it brings to customers: plastic processors are supported in designing and manufacturing quality plastic items, which cuts mold trial times significantly, helps reducing pointless material waste and minimizes related costs.

The award has been given to Moldex3D R14.0, which is the most recent software update. The product has been improved since the last version in order to enhance the ease of work and rapidity for users with complex injection molding models. Simulation accuracy has been increased, and several innovative capabilities for cutting-edge applications added in order to facilitate the work of plastic processors even further.


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