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Merger of Ube Machinery and MHIPT (Mitsubishi)

Merger of Ube Machinery and MHIPT (Mitsubishi)

News 12.01.2017

New Year started with a big announcement in the injection molding business: two famous companies of great standing unite their businesses by a transfer of shares. Ube Machinery Corporation, Ltd. of Ube Industries group, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries group (MHI), started discussing this integration project last summer.

These negotiations finished with the agreement that the new structure will begin functioning under a new name: U-MHI Platech Co., Ltd. (U-MHIPT). Marketing solutions for the products would be handled by a new entity, which is named U&M Plastic Solutions Co., Ltd. This company will cater to both Ube Machinery and U-MHIPT productions. Its strategic goal will be to come forward to reach the customers, assisting their production in order to saturate the market with superior plastic products.

The service package of U&M Plastic Solutions will include technical guidance and consulting services related to plastic injection molding. The aforementioned proposals and services will guarantee that the global customer receives superlative quality and advanced technological capabilities, supported by joined expertise of U-MHIPT and U&M Plastic Solutions.

Such recombination is an answer to the deepening crises that attacked the injection molding market in Japan and in the whole world. Strategic decision to integrate the businesses resulting in joint innovation power in sales, servicing networks, technologies, and products is forecasted to boost the sales, servicing, development, and production technology growth. Economy of scales acquired by joining the ventures will help the new company to predict and satisfy customers’ needs even better, allowing for business expansion into the global injection molding markets.

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