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Moretto launches X-COMB medical dryer

Moretto launches X-COMB medical dryer

News 12.01.2017

X-COMB mini-dryer

Moretto has commenced 2017 with a launch, welcoming the X-COMB mini-dryer into its family of high-performance mini-dryers for small batches and engineering resins.

Premiered at K 2016, the X-COMB mini-dryer has been optimised for medical applications where stringent requirements on performance and design are compulsory. The X-COMB mini-dryer packs a wealth of Moretto industry leading technologies into a compact design and is available in four sizes ranging in throughput from 1.4 – 14.4kg/h (3.1 – 32lb/h).  

"The X-COMB dryer brings together some of our most innovative technologies in developing a revolutionary dryer that again proves we are challenging the status quo," said Benjamin Sutch, Chief Marketing Officer, Moretto S.p.A. "We engineered this dryer to be medical ready, Industry 4.0 compliant, and all the while optimising energy consumption for small batch and engineering resins."

Moretto OTX dia

OTX mass and air flow diagram.

Immediately obvious upon first inspection is the inclusion of Moretto’s patented OTX hopper technology. OTX takes a radical new approach to drying hopper technology utilising a unique internal geometry that significantly improves material mass flow and air flow distribution throughout the hopper. Beyond the signature Spyro shock-proof casing is a hopper capable of treating the same material as conventional hopper designs whilst requiring 40 per cent less hopper volume, drying time and airflow.

At its core, the X-COMB dryer features an integrated dew point equaliser that manages the speed and revolution of a zeolite based desiccant cartridge. A direct drive geared motor drives the cartridge rotation and can achieve a stable -52°C (-61.6°F) dew point.

Moretto Dryer

Powering the X-COMB are two high performance, VFD driven turbo-compressors; one compressor dedicated to the process circuit while the second manages the regeneration cycle. Add to this a self-adjusting variable air-flow and resin anti-stress control, which together ensure optimal drying while never over-drying. The dryer’s filter has been positioned externally and can be easily accessed, without tools, for cleaning. The regeneration exhaust air can be channeled ensuring that the dryer is suitable for medical and other clean room, optical, or technical applications.

An integrated colour touch-screen control comes standard with either model of the X-COMB series.  The simple and easy to use interface allows for quick selection and control of all dryer parameters.  In addition, the control has been adapted to centrally manage an optionally connected Moretto Venturi feeder. Standard RS485 Modbus, Ethernet and USB connectivity options are available and the dryer is compatible with Moretto’s MOWIS plant-wide supervisor system.

The X-COMB mini-dryer series has been further developed under the umbrella of the Moretto Drying 4.0 initiative, which sees Moretto ensure that their full range of machine auxiliary solutions are Industry 4.0 ready.

The compact design of the X-COMB mini-dryer makes it well suited for installation on either the injection machine throat or located machine side.  Discharge bases and portable trolleys can be further integrated with the dryer.

The X-COMB mini-dryer was on display at K 2016 in and is available worldwide.

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