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MD&M West featured impressive molding process

MD&M West featured impressive molding process

News 02.03.2017

During MD&M West, Plustech, Inc., the North American Branch of Sodick’s IMM Division showcased the latest in Injection molding technology.

Plustech had a live demonstration of medical micro- and nano-molding with an automated cell.  The Sodick GL30 micro-injection molding machine performed a microfluidic molding process and added micro details to the sample part.  This was a very stable process running at a sub 6 second cycle time, and with a 1.8 gram shot weight.  Plustech drew in a large audience to see this process in action.  Plustech’s customer Plas-Tech Engineering, a leading custom molder of medical devices and diagnostic components, based out of Lake Geneva, WI supplied the mold.  The molded material was Topas COC material 8007×10 and the side-entry robot that removed the part from the mold was supplied by Star Automation.  The demonstration showed the growing use of COC in diagnostic products, such as microfluidics and microplates.

The Sodick GL30 is a high-performance model that offers excellent repeatability and accurate plasticization.  The machine provides advanced injection for micro features with extremely tight tolerances.  It includes Sodick’s V-Line two-stage plunger system, which separates the plasticization and injection processes for consistent measurement and injection of the melt stream.  The 30 ton machine incorporates a true hybrid clamping mechanism utilizing an upgraded servo motor controlled hydraulic pumping system.

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