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Addivant to exhibit its innovations at Chinaplas

Addivant to exhibit its innovations at Chinaplas

News 02.05.2017


Leading polymer additives supplier Addivant will greet Chinaplas 2017 visitors with a comprehensive range of innovations that exceed the performance requirements of the most demanding applications, while also addressing future environmental constraints and consumer concerns.

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Addivant is focused on meeting the needs of China - the world’s largest automobile market - which is at the forefront of innovation while setting stricter standards for compliance. Among the key introductions at Chinaplas are new innovative stabilization solutions, such as next generation ultra-low emissive anti-scorch antioxidants for polyurethane (PUR) foams. NAUGARD® FOAMPLUS LE solutions enable compliance with the most stringent vehicle indoor air quality (VIAQ) standards being implemented globally.

Besides addressing industry challenges through innovative solutions, Addivant is making significant investments in global regulatory compliance and is ensuring that amidst increasing governmental regulatory scrutiny, all commercial solutions are compliant with national legislations, including REACH, providing customers the peace of mind required in an increasingly complex world. “We have demonstrated our commitment by registering over 150 products within the REACH framework, registering over 50 chemicals globally, and having obtained more global food approvals than any other additive supplier,” stated John Steitz, President and CEO of Addivant.

Along with the focus on automotive, a range of next-generation solutions for advanced applications such as wire and cable, building and construction, and recycling will also be highlighted. Reflected in Addivant’s show theme, “Solutions to Breakthrough” boost the performance of polymer and rubber materials, increase operational and process productivity, enhance recyclability as well as lower costs. Examples include LOWINOX® XPS 162, a highly efficient stabilisation solution for new generation polymeric flame retardants for extruded polystyrene which improves colour stability by a factor of 10. Another key offering is the ULTRANOX® 800 series, a new range of high-performance stabilization solutions for polyolefin compounders that require improved long-term heat aging (LTHA), improved colour, or use of higher levels of regrind without compromising product quality.

Addivant will also provide an update on its breakthrough nonylphenol-free stabilizer WESTON® 705, which is becoming the industry standard for polyethylene (PE) food packaging and allows PE resin producers to comply with China’s new GB9685-2016 food contact law. WESTON® 705 has secured final approval for food contact in China, making it the most broadly approved and thoroughly tested high-performance antioxidant, with approvals in use for over 180 countries worldwide. Recently, WESTON® 705 has also gained approval from the FDA for use in infant food and breast milk plastic packaging.

Visitors will also learn about Addivant’s commitment to sustainability and reliability. WESTON® 705 is rapidly becoming the industry phosphite antioxidant standard for polyolefins and rubber. A new generation of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) packaging based on Addivant’s nonylphenol-free stabilizer WESTON® 705 has successfully hit consumer shelves, bringing a new level of safety, performance, and efficiency in food packaging across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Serge Rogasik, VP & General Manager added, “As promised to our customers, Addivant continues to make significant investments to ensure maximum reliability and supply security. Over the last three years, we have increased our pace of investment in assets and regulatory on average by 40% every year.”

To satisfy robust regional growth and to ensure increased supply security and reliability for local customers, Addivant is specifically investing in Asia-Pacific, where recent and future investments in China and South Korea will more than triple our capabilities. Furthermore, to ensure service excellence and technical support to local customers, Addivant has expanded the commercial and technical organization in the region by 25%.

About Addivant
ADDIVANT™ is an innovator in the field of polymer additives, developing customized solutions that provide customers enhanced application performance, safe handling, and reduction in cost of use. The company is recognized industry-wide for its extensive portfolio of specialty additives including antioxidants, light stabilizers, rubber additives, polymer modifiers, metal deactivators, polymerization inhibitors and intermediates. Addivant is an international company, with 11 plants on five continents, as well as research, manufacturing and sales facilities around the globe. Addivant maintains its global headquarters in Connecticut, USA with regional headquarters in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia, Basel, Switzerland, and Shanghai, China. Addivant is an independent portfolio company of SK Capital.


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