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New model of G-Max series of conventional blade granulators

New model of G-Max series of conventional blade granulators

News 03.07.2017


June 2017 sees the WITTMANN Group launch the third model of the G-Max series of conventional blade granulators: G-Max 23. This latest model completes the G-Max granulator series, which now consists of G-Max 12, G-Max 23 as the latest development, and G-Max 33.

G-Max-23 Granulator

G-Max 23 granulator


The G-Max 23 is the latest model in a series of flexible, custom-made and belt-driven compact granulators. The G-Max 23 is specifically designed for the closed-loop recycling of sprues/runners from injection molding machines with up to 240 tons of clamping force. It is a portable piece of equipment which allows for great versatility and can be moved easily from one molding machine to another. This granulator operates with low energy consumption and is equipped with sound insulation for the cutting chamber, greatly reducing the overall noise level. It is powered by an IE2 motor for high energy efficiency. With the G-Max 23, a granulating throughput of 80 kg/h is made possible.

In common with other models of the G-Max series, the G-Max 23 allows a new way of working: A remote control replaces the fixed electrical control panel usually used on granulators. This new functionality allows for standard functions that are not available with traditional granulator design. For example, the control device has an hour counter with a digital display, helping to fix the appropriate maintenance date. An interface enables full communication with the injection molding machine. As an option, a special shutdown-function is available: When the injection molding machine is “off”, the granulator stops automatically, helping save energy. There are two different positions of the control on the granulator to choose from, making it much easier for the operator to supervise the grinding process. The control’s connecting cable to the granulator has a length of three meters, and this feature allows the control of the granulator from outside a protective housing. In contrast to the competitor products, WITTMANN offers this feature as a standard part of the granulator package.

G-Max Collection-bin

G-Max Collection bin


The G-Max 23 is also equipped with a hybrid rotor (open and staggered) consisting of 3 × 2 knives with open spaces between the rotating knives and the centre of the shaft. This provides unrestricted air-flow through the large 310 × 235 mm cutting chamber – thus cooling hot materials. Consequently the G-Max is ideal for granulating heat-sensitive resins or feedstock that is still warm from processing. (For the grinding of even hotter materials, the granulator can be retrofitted with a special cooling water circuit.) I

n addition, the slanted knives improve the cutting process of thick parts, biting into them from different angles. The rotating knives can be sharpened with ease, and are also individually adjustable. This leads to optimal knife gaps that minimize dust and achieve a great overall regrind quality.

The granulator’s regrind collection bin is made of stainless steel. The bin’s capacity of 13 liters reduces the need for regrind storage area beside the press. A high level sensor giving visual and audible alarm if necessary is located underneath the cutting chamber, thus avoiding the overfilling of the bin, and also keeping the cutting chamber free from regrind. This position of the sensor brings about some additional advantages: direct wiring to the electrical cabinet, the sensor’s head not being amidst the material, and full inlet capacity of the bin. The bin’s swivel outlet pipe comes with the possibility of adjustable airflow and with front slanted cut for optimal emptying.

Many more interesting and advantageous features of the new G-Max 23 come as a standard:

- The screen features conical shaped holes that make it easier for soft tacky regrind to pass through the screen. This also helps to minimize screen hole plugging.
- Automatic tensioning system for the belt means no maintenance is needed in order to keep the right belt tension.
- Rotor direction and missing phase detection is also provided.
- Easy cleaning of the cutting chamber is enabled.


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