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23. - 26. April 2024
Shanghai, China
06. - 10. May 2024
Orlando, USA
15. - 19. October 2024
Friedrichshafen, Germany
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Advancements for automotive, medical, packaging and technical applications

Advancements for automotive, medical, packaging and technical applications

News 20.09.2017


Milacron Holdings Corp., a leading industrial technology company serving the plastics processing industry is pleased to announce their upcoming participation at Fakuma 2017. This year’s Fakuma marks its 25th anniversary. Milacron will be displaying its industry leading technologies including Milacron injection molding machines, Mold-Masters hot runners and control systems, DME mold technology solutions including TIRAD high precision mold bases and Milacron Direct industrial supplies.

“The Fakuma trade show has a rich history of displaying the plastics industry’s innovative, future now technical advancements,” said Tom Goeke, CEO of Milacron. “It’s this platform that allows us to present our customers our most recent technological advances, of which there are many. We always look forward to meeting long time customers and new prospects and show them how Milacron can assist them in their drive for continuous success.”
Milacron will have a number of innovative products and solutions on display at Fakuma 2017 from our industry leading brands. Milacron will focus on automotive, medical, packaging and technical applications. Here’s a sample of what visitors can expect:

Injection Molding Machine Cells on Display

Milacron All-Electric Elektron EVO 110 Injection Molding Machine


Elektron EVO is the product of Milacron’s years of innovation in all-electric injection molding technology. The Elektron EVO was designed for a full range of applications, in a wide variety of sizes, offering outstanding value to customers to help them achieve their plastics manufacturing goals. The Elektron EVO uses 60% less energy and 90% less water than hydraulic injection molding machines, reducing operating costs substantially. Setting the standard for movement repeatability, Elektron’s stroke precision of servo-driven axes is significantly greater than top hydraulic systems, making it the best injection molding machine for the reliable production of high-precision parts.

With no oil disposal, leaks or slipping hazards, Elektron EVO is perfect for clean room environments regardless of machine size needed. Cell Specifics: Elektron EVO 110, 4-cavity Zahoransky medical syringe insert mold, clean room compliant system. Cycle time of 14 seconds.

Milacron Magna Toggle Servo 200-970 Injection Molding Machine
The Magna Toggle Servo is a high-value injection molding machine combining the advantages of precision and accurate toggle mechanism with advanced user controls. The servo design increases energy efficiency while providing outstanding repeatability, accuracy, and precision. The reliable toggle mechanism is optimized for fast cycling and reduced platen deflection and the Magna T is able to accommodate large and heavy molds. This platform is an extremely versatile series that offers high reliability, making it an outstanding addition to any fleet. The Magna Toggle product range is from 55 to 550 metric tons. Cell Specifics: Magna Toggle Servo 200, 1-cavity automotive surface sample mold from Wirth Molds with a Mold-Masters TempMaster M1 controller, utilizing Trexel’s Mucell system for physical foaming with SGI process in a 52 second cycle time.

Milacron Ferromatik 360 Injection Molding Machine
Milacron’s Ferromatik machines are designed to meet the needs and demands of the packaging industry with fast cycle times and high injection speeds. Ferromatik machines are available in nine sizes: from 120 to 650 metric tons of clamping force and are pre-configured for easy multi-component, mono-sandwich, cube, and co-injection capability. Customers can also choose from electric, hydraulic, and hybrid drive options to meet their energy and performance requirements. Cell Specifics: Ferromatik 360, Mold-Masters Master-Series hot runner with a fully IMM machine integrated Mold-Masters TempMaster iM2 controller, 4-cavity packaging container mold and in-mold labeling technology from Müller in a 4 second cycle time.

Milacron 4.0
While Industry 4.0 is still globally evolving, Milacron has been at the leading edge of not only developing but also implementing the technology, machinery, systems and the infrastructure into real-world plastics manufacturing operations. This integration of technologies has enabled a truly smart manufacturing experience for Milacron clients. The transformative nature of Milacron 4.0 is not just in the machinery but also the data and analytics, specifically how it is captured and processed in a way that becomes meaningful to your operations. Milacron 4.0 provides a full suite of observational, analytical and transactional systems and services that enable you to improve your plastics operations with a focus on lean manufacturing. Smart manufacturing with Milacron 4.0 will help your organization understand not only your current capabilities but plan for your future manufacturing goals.

Mold-Masters Hot Runners and Control Systems
Mold-Masters Summit-Series Hot Runner, A Premium Hot Runner for Premium and Clean Room Applications
The Summit-Series is Mold-Masters’ premium hot runner line. The Summit-Series hot runner nozzle has four times less thermal variation from set point, compared to the typical thermal variation seen in a nozzle with a heater band. The Summit-Series hot runner is built completely from stainless steel, which makes it ideal for molding shear and temperature-sensitive resins like PC, POM and PBT. The nozzle profile positively affects balance and is especially effective for medical market molding where precision is paramount and has seen significant adoption in premium packaging and complex automotive applications. The Summit-Series can also be ordered with new servo-controlled valve-gate actuators, which allow for individual speed, time and position control of each valve pin in the mold. The Summit-Series is clean room-ready and is the perfect hot runner solution for any molder looking to reduce risk and optimize molding process parameters with minimized variance and strong, repeatable results.

Mold-Masters Fusion G2 Series Hot Runner Rev’s up Automotive Molding Operations
Milacron’s Mold-Masters product brand has developed new enhanced features in the Fusion G2 Series for automotive and large-part molding. An extended nozzle length range provides more flexibility while the compound nozzle can be used to avoid interferences with cavity cooling lines, and position nozzles in very tight pockets. Fusion G2 is now available with valve pin open speed control and position monitoring that enables improved surface finishes at the gate of the part. Options for extra-extended gate seals are now also available on the entire Fusion G2 product line. Brand new additions to the Fusion G2 product line that will be on display will include high performance water-cooled gate inserts plus some additional new gating methods designed specifically for certain resins.


NEW Mold-Masters DURA+ Automotive Lens and Lighting Hot Runner – The Clear Choice
Mold-Masters NEW DURA+ hot runner for lighting applications utilizes features in the Master-Series and Dura product range. The developments focus on part quality and flexibility for customers.

The new smarter angled manifold designs make installations easier and reduce the cost on mold machining. New gating styles and new valve pins with superior flow profile allow for perfect gate quality and the new heater path at main manifolds offer less zones to control without jeopardizing the thermal balancing.

The new valve pin position sensors fine tune the injection process and dual thermocouples on nozzles to avoid production fails and the proven Fusion G2 actuators that bring repeatability on gate closing, cooling water jackets.

Mold-Masters E-Multi Secondary Injection Unit – Precise, Versatile Thermoplastic Multi-Shot Molding Solution
Mold-Masters all-electric E-Multi converts existing injection molding machine equipment to enable multi-shot and multi-material molding, expanding operations potential. The proven E-Multi platform is fully compatible with any IMM and the ideal solution for precision molding applications in any industry. The E-Multi has over 2,000 standard possible configurations available ensuring the E-Multi is perfectly sized to applications exact requirements. NEW – E-Multi is now available with LSR capabilities.

Mold-Masters TempMaster Control Solutions: Accurate, Responsive and Intuitive
The Mold-Masters TempMaster control system lineup features the industry’s leading Adaptive Process System (APS) software and algorithms. This APS is at the core of each and every TempMaster controller. Today’s demanding molding applications require a hot runner controller that you can rely on for precision control, ease of use and day-to-day reliability. Equipment size is also an important issue when trying to maximize shop floor utilization. With this in mind, Mold-Masters has designed the M-Series range of controllers including the fully integrated iM2, the powerhouse M2, and the economical MT series. TempMaster controllers are available in 2 to 560 zone configurations. All controllers are user-friendly, plug-and-play units allowing for quick start-ups.

Mold-Masters SPRINT Closure Hot Runner System Launches NEW Color Change Gating Tips – The fastest just got faster!
Milacron’s Mold-Masters hot runner product brand will showcase their leading closure hot runner, SPRINT which has launched NEW Color Change Tips. The new tips are engineered to far exceed the performance of similar competitive systems. The new SPRINT color change tip improves color change by up to 47% (vs. a standard gate tip). These new gating tips are available immediately as a standard package for all SPRINT systems and are compatible with the current tip as replacements. Mold-Masters SPRINT closure hot runners are engineered for speed. SPRINT is available in hot and valve gate solutions engineered for lightning-fast cycles, color changes, optimal part quality and greater durability for maximum uptime, while dramatically reducing overhead.

DME Mold Technology Solutions, TIRAD High Precision Mold Bases and Milacron Direct Industrial Supplies

DME Mold Technologies
Milacron has long been an essential resource to the plastics industry worldwide. The DME product brand proudly celebrates its 75thAnniversary. DME is a market-leading mold technologies provider and continues to provide the industry’s broadest range of products and solutions for mold designers, mold makers and processors.

DME TruCoolTM – A Revolutionary Conformal Cooling Solution
TruCool is the new DME line of products designed to help mold makers and molders with their mold cooling. DME’s Conformal Cooling solutions utilize a cutting edge, direct metal laser melting 3D printing process to produce highly complex cavities, cores, and components with conformal cooling channels. The process achieves shapes, paths, and channel geometries impossible to obtain with conventional tooling. DME’s TruCool Conformal Cooling solution places cooling channels at the optimal distance from the mold surface, consistently following the geometric shape of any mold insert for any customer part, allowing the mold to maintain a targeted, consistent temperature that allows for complete thermal control, allowing for the total injection molding cycle time to be reduced by up to 60%. This technology also allows for conformal venting solutions for those hard to reach areas of trapped gases, when requested by the molder.

TIRAD High Precision Large Mold Bases
TIRAD product lines feature Large Mold Bases with plate lengths up to 1.5 X 2.3 m, increasing the capacity to handle larger, more diverse product molds. The mold bases are manufactured on the fastest, most powerful machines within their class, and use machining centers that process data faster and more accurately. The premier equipment used to make large mold bases significantly reduces manual polishing and additional rework due to increased consistency in high quality finishes. TIRAD offers high precision climate room production capabilities of plates for plastics injection molds, especially for multi-cavity systems in accuracy +/- 0.005 mm / 1000 mm. TIRAD’s high precision mold bases are principally utilized for medical, pharmaceutical, technical, food, beverage and packaging solutions.

Milacron Direct Industrial Supplies
Whether looking for auxiliary equipment, shop supplies, machine parts, mold sprays or safety supplies, DME has everything required to keep your plant running smoothly. DME has thousands of products that will help improve operational performance and process. DME offers a wide range of auxiliary including conveyors, dryers, loaders and hoppers to clean room enclosures, resin bins and water chillers. A robust assortment of shop products, tools and safety supplies is available to provide customers with the equipment necessary to operate at peak performance. To ensure that every molding machine station is well equipped, DME has a vast array of machine parts, cutters, trimmers and mold sprays.


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