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Electric TE series for precise, clean and fast production

Electric TE series for precise, clean and fast production

News 04.10.2017


“Precise, clean and fast” is Woojin Plaimm’s trade fair motto for Fakuma 2017. A fully electric injection molding machine from the TE series will be on display at the GKV/TecPartVerbandTechnischeKunststoff-Produktee.V. stand. At the same time, Fakuma 2017 will also be the premiere for the company’s new German sole agency, NortecMaschinentechnik from Soltau (D), which assumed the new machine business and after-sales for Woojin Plaimm as of 1st May 2017.

Pic 1 - TE-Series TE110

The fully electric TE series by Woojin Plaimm: Precise, clean and fast


Production will be realised using a fully electric TE110 with a clamping force of 1,100 kN where the tie bar distances 410 x 410 mm (h x w). Screw diameters from 22 to 32 mm are on offer as the injection units for the TE110. The TE110 is powered by high performance servo motors.

The TE series can provide high cycle speeds thanks to movements which occur in parallel. Peter Nellen, the CEO of Nortec: “The use of a single independent servo motor for each operation in the machine enables every movement to be controlled in parallel, including the removal of the part during the dosing for the following cycle.”

The TE series is ideal for demanding uses with maximum precision in the areas of electronics, packaging and medicine.

When operational, the machines from the TE series are very quiet, clean and energy efficient, they emit very little heat, they function without the expense of oil recooling and they offer better environmental and working conditions.

A finite element analysis enables the optimum distribution of forces
The toggle lever system in the TE series has been developed on the basis of a finite element analysis for the optimum distribution of forces. The clamping force is derived from the typical concentration points at the edges of the mold to the centre. The toggle level principle enables the creation of a uniform clamping force envelope curve around the cavity. The efficiently applied clamping force lowers the energy requirements in general and allows for greater injection and internal pressure in the mold. A separate drive motor ensures the adjustment of the clamp to various mold installation heights. A solid linear guide enables the precise movements of the clamping unit. The TE series provides a clamping force range from 300 to 8500 kN with the corresponding injection units supplied from the factory.

Pic 2 - TE-Series-Servo Motor

High performance servo drives enable optimum cycle times by means of parallel machine movements


The electric high-precision injection unit
The TE injection units by Woojin Plaimm stand equally for precision and speed: The inline injection unit in the TE series, combined with the closed control loop, is optimal for high precision injection molding. The TE110 is also equipped for injection molding with very short cycle times, where very fast and precise position control is required.

The PP580 intuitive controller
The TE100 is controlled using the PP580 controller with a real-time operating system. The 15’ TFT colour monitor, which is directly connected to the controller, enables highly user friendly and transparent operations via a touchscreen (1024 x 768 mm) and robust plastic covered keys. The fast signal processing time of less than 0.4 ms enables the TE110 to provide high performance during time-critical operations.

The PP580 unit’s comprehensive energy monitoring informs the operator of the current energy consumption in the process. The PP580 unit enables the central monitoring of the extraction systems and other ancillary equipment. The integrated interface programs such as Euromap 67 enable a robot interface and the management of the temperature control units. It is possible to remotely monitor the machine in real time using a VNC server function. A large number of molds and parameter data can be acquired and saved via the USB interface in order to enable a fast production start-up and reproducibility. The PP580 controller also provides the option of embedding up to 250 Woojin Plaimm machines in the factory data capture (FDC).


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