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Cy Plastics adds automated work cell

Cy Plastics adds automated work cell

News 13.11.2015

Frank Antosiewicz, Plastics News

"The biggest change for us is a fully integrated press with robotics and a welding station," said Andy Molodetz, president of the Honeoye, N.Y.-based custom molder.

The company paired a new 470C press with a Star Automation 3-axis programmable robot with end-of-arm tooling. It is able to remove parts from the mold and weld them into an assembled part using a Branson 920 ultrasonic welder

Cy Plastics Inc.'s new automated work cell will make it possible to bring in more production being reshored to the U.S.
Image: Cy Plastics Inc.

"This is the first time that we've done welding in a cell at the press," Molodetz said.

He said the investment is part of the company's reshoring effort. The more automation involved in a process means the more competitive pricing that it can offer.

"Customers are short-handed. They want to simplify the project and they want to buy the products finished, so we do a lot of secondary services," he said.

Molodetz said Cy is finding customers are willing to bring projects back to the United States if it can find the right combination of services at the right price.

Cy had to move some machinery to fit the cell in, but at the same time it was able to add a 60-foot, 1-ton crane as well. The company has added three cranes this year, adding flexibility and safety to its manufacturing area.

Cy Plastics now has18 injection molding machines Nine are Arburg presses. Overall, the machines tonnage ranges from 40 to 425.

Molodetz said company has been doing well, adding about 10 employees over the past year. It now has 60. It concentrates on providing engineered components for industrial, medical and commercial products. Cy Plastics does both injection molding and blow molding.

He said Cy Plastics has seen solid growth over the past 10 years and that annual sales are in the $5 million to $10 million range.

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