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Quality assurance with QASS Optimizer4D for Plastic Injection Molding

Quality assurance with QASS Optimizer4D for Plastic Injection Molding


In times of "Industry 4.0" and "Smart Factory" there is now a new way for highest quality demands at plastic injection molding. Quality assurance at the highest possible level requires focused skills and competence. That’s why QASS has acquired TOSES as a specialised partner for plastic injection molding.

Together, QASS and TOSES offer tailored quality assurance solutions for plastic injection molding machines: Process monitoring: worn-out ejectors, guiding bolts, inaccuracies of forms Tool monitoring: cracks or breaks in forms, e.g. breaking cores Process optimization: Determination of ideal process parameters

The measurement device QASS Optimizer4D provides a depiction of the process by measurement of acoustic emission signals. Comparing algorithms can detect deviaitons from the ideal depiction. By this it’s possible to determine if a tool is still in shape and if the process itself is running smooth. Fully automated, destruction-free and 100%-in-process.

Expert system

Additionally to the fully automated process monitoring, Optimizer4D can be used as an expert system to determine ideal process parameters.

Test measurement

Use our economic and affordable offerings for test measurements. Detect how much potential for optimization hides in your machines and applications.

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