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05. - 08. December 2018
Plast Eurasia
Istanbul, Turkey
01. - 08. January   2019
Dubai, UAE
29. January 2019 - 01. February 2019
Moscow, Russia
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Cup manufacturing – standard robot for injection moulding for medium sized batches


A special automation system is not always required for the production of packaging items in medium to large unit volumes. A standard linear robotic system with dynamic mould-entry can already shorten cycle times.
An electric ALLROUNDER 570 A injection moulding machine produces two cups/beakers made from PP weighing 6.4 g. The standard robot MULTILIFT V reduces mould-entry and cycle time considerable due to its dynamic mould-entry: Compared with a robotic system with conventional mould-entry the MULTILIFT V achieves almost 40 % faster mould-entry times, the overall cycle time amounts to just 3.56 s. This example shows just how important equipment can be when it comes to saving valuable seconds during production.

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