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23. - 26. April 2024
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Striving for more sustainable types of solutions

Striving for more sustainable types of solutions


Dow Performance Silicones Christophe Paulo Portrait high res

Christophe Paulo

At Chinaplas Dow Performance Silicones, a global business unit of DowDuPont Specialty Products Division, took the opportunity to launch a new additive technology. Christophe Paulo, Industrial and Consumer strategic marketer at Dow Performance Silicones, shared his thoughts about new challenges and latest trends in plastic industry and Chinese market.

How did Dow and Dupont merger influence companies’ business? What benefits did Dow get?

As a part of DowDupont now we have a broader range of offerings. Together, we have one of the broadest portfolios of engineering resins. And it is not only about production process. We are uniquely positioned and fully resourced to address our customers’ most pressing needs.
We can help them select the right solution, design the tool, make the simulation and carry out all the pilot tests. We can accompany our customers through to the full commercialization of their product. Now we can do all of that and this capability is unique to the industry.

What is the most special about Chinese market?


What makes the Chinese market most unique is that within five years China had achieved great technological and industrial advancements that took Europe, for example, 20 years to achieve. And now, like rest of the world, the Chinese industry is striving for more sustainable types of solutions.

Are there any products in your portfolio more demanded by Chinese market?

There are a lot of electronic goods made in China. Engineering resins, like Zytel polyamides and Delrin acetal homopolymer resins, on display at our booth, are best for electronic application. Phones, and other portable devices, require light weight but high impact resistance. So that drives the need for these types of materials.

Also, 25% of automotive parts are made in China. Our new DOW CORNING™ HMB-1903 Masterbatch silicone-based technology presented here, is perfect for the automotive industry, but   this patented anti-squeak additive can be used much more broadly. It can be used in many different applications that involve the assembly of plastic parts, for instance, window frames, office chairs, fridges and so on.

What about ecology and environmental problems? How does your company contribute to this issue?

DuPont 1

By producing something that can have a longer useful life you make a significant, positive contribution to the global ecological issue. For instance, four years ago we launched an anti-scratch additive for interior automotive parts. That additive makes your car look new for a longer period of time. Improving the quality of materials using these types of additives to make applications look good longer, is an example of our contribution to sustainability.

China is moving fast to adopt these sustainable solutions. The quality of local products have recently improved significantly as the  Chinese plastics industry is steadily using more engineering, environmentally responsible types of materials. In fact, China is the leading country in terms of engineering resin consumption.

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