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August 2024
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Shenzhen, China
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September 2024
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October 2024
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Making the future efficient

Making the future efficient


DESMA was one of the first engineering companies to develop concrete solutions in the field of networked production - industry 4.0. In the meantime, a variety of megatrends have added their influence. Demographic change, increasing digitisation, increasingly scarce raw materials and, last but not least, ever accelerating climate change are challenges that can be met with the right products. In order to cope with this increasing complexity, DESMA has set out to become a machine building service provider that integrates into its business partners’ processes. To that end, DESMA has launched the initiative #desmatters.

In addition to the machine, DESMA offers its customers a value proposition and range of services aimed at increasing their competitiveness.

A crucial requirement is the maximum transparency and reproducibility of the production processes. These are created by the digital tools of the SmartConnect 4.U product family, automation and process expertise, a comprehensive service offer and the DESMA eco-system for the integration of business processes, the SmartConnect 4.U platform solution.

At K 2019, DESMA will be creating a space on its 400 sqm stand where customers can experience the range of services they offer.

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D 968.250 ZO BENCHMARK 750 S3 with FlexCell
The industry 4.0 and the associated demand for the traceability of production data are high on the agenda of all manufacturers of elastomer components.

The increasing shortage of qualified operating staff is presenting the processing industry with increasing challenges. DESMA supports businesses with the newly developed FlexCell. It facilitates the use of standardised injection moulding machines and the integration of the entire article-related process automation into autonomous units that can be flexibly and quickly connected to the standard machinery in a modular and application-oriented manner. FlexCell allows plant modification within a very short time. The interfaces have also been standardised so that the system can be demonstrated live in plug & play operation.

Data integration of mixed batches by reading in a barcode in combination with the recognition of the mould and cold runner systems based on the QR coding is provided by products of the SmartScan series and thus enables correct product parameter assignment.

With the E-Drive cold runner system with additionally integrated PressureSense in each cavity, the actual changeover pressure of each nozzle and thus also the process cycle can be documented as well.

With the laser printer, the plant can mark or engrave rubber and silicone articles of any colour with a clearly recognizable ID. The visualisation tool for displaying the recorded production data has been completely revised and now has a newly developed, web-based front-end within the SmartConnect 4.U-ECOSYSTEM.

D 968.250 ZO BENCHMARK 750 S3 with QuickLock
This machine is the first to produce moulded rubber articles with an overmoulded SmartIdent RFID chip. Article gating is executed via a DESMA standard cold runner. Also for the first time, DESMA's latest generation of 2-circuit servo temperature control units EcoSilence+, which respond extremely quickly and accurately thanks to active flow control, will be used. For this, the system requires less energy. When the cold runner system is changed, the cooling media are automatically sucked out so that a dry cold runner can be stored.

The mould can be exchanged within minutes using the QuickLock quick clamping system. Mould clamping is ensured even in the event of a power failure or a complete drop in hydraulic pressure. A mould change with a hot mould will be presented live.

D 969.300 SEALMASTER (S3) with 3500 bar high-pressure injection unit and new PerformanceHydraulics
The bestseller from the DESMA horizontal machine range is now available with a hydraulic performance kit, which will be on display at the stand. Without changing the ServoGear driving power, all movements of the mould carrier and the hydraulic core lifters have been significantly improved. Depending on the motion sequence, cycle time reductions of 2.5 - 5 seconds can be achieved.

The enhanced servo-driven brush modules called ServoBrush are equipped with a powerful external electric drive and have a horizontal axis for freely selectable position adjustment. This allows the wear of the brushes to be easily compensated by automatic infeed. In addition, a spraying device is integrated, which guarantees an optimally reproducible spraying pattern due to the servo-driven brush modules. The brush body can be changed within a very short time with the mould remaining installed and requiring only few tools. The scanner query integrated in the brush head checks for safe article demoulding and thus guarantees an error-free automatic cycle.

This machine will be presented with a ZeroWaste ITM pot for runner-loss free direct injection of articles and a 12-fold sealing mould with different article geometries.

Iso+ heating plates are used to further reduce the energy consumption of this ServoGear machine. The EnergyControl+ system with energy-optimised machine start-up ensures further savings. The integrated load management achieves a significantly reduced peak current intake, which significantly determines the electricity price. In addition, all energy consumption of the individual components, including compressed air consumption, is recorded and allocated. The proven DesCure heating time calculator is also used in this machine.

D 969.100 Z (S3) with FIFO C high-pressure injection unit and PartnerFlexCell
This basic machine with a footprint of less than 4.5 m² is particularly ideal for small series production of precision seals. Mould or mixture can be changed quickly. This is made possible by the FIFO C injection system (100 ccm, 2450 bar) with integrated PlastControl and swing-out extruder unit. If required, the plasticising screw can be quickly removed for inspection or cleaning.

In HTV silicone applications, the material can be exchanged easily and largely without losses thanks to the new CartridgePlus cartridge plug unit.

This system will be presented with a PartnerFlexCell, which is equipped with a collaborating 6-axis robot system and offers three-dimensional scanner protection via a new CE-compliant safety concept. This enables robots, machine and people to work together without mechanical safety guards. The PartnerFlexCell is also designed for easy transfer to other machines. Thus, either pure machine operation or system operation is possible by switching over.

A ZeroWaste ITM system with a mould for the production of small rubber-metal articles is also used on this machine. The metal parts are fed into the mould by the robot.

Fully on trend with the DRC 2030 TBM
DRC 2030 TBM is the DESMA rubber control tool with trend-based machine visualisation. The 24'' multitouch panel in combination with a 2.8 GHZ and 4 GB RAM processor as well as a 64 GB SSD hard disk offers a noticeable added value for the customer: The trend-based display prevents the production of rejects or machine downtime by means of an elaborate threshold value management. Up to 5 Fx rows are freely selectable and programmable. The complete order management can be represented. All documents required for machine operation can be handled digitally. The SetupAssist feature for error-free machine setup has been extended by the mould change guide and the number of screen pages has been reduced by half compared to the previous model.

The DESMA performance programme for service and pre- & post-sales products
Optimised injection moulding with SmartFlow
With SmartFlow, DESMA for the first time offers "in-house" flow simulation calculations for injection moulds or injection moulding processes. The data are simply entered in the user interface, which is identical to the user interface of process visualisation DRC 2030 TBM.

Automation solutions are already simulated three-dimensionally in the project planning phase and realistically on request.

DESMA's own automation team plans, simulates and implements the complete robot animation and robot programming, including integration into machines and associated mould concepts for new plants and retrofits, on a turnkey basis. Data access to all components allows an almost realistic representation of functions from all angles. This also simultaneously generates the robot programme.

By integrating this automation department into our project department, DESMA is able to deliver high-class and meaningful technical plans as early as in the project planning stage.

With the GapAnalyser developed by DESMA, similar article productions can be compared to represent a theoretically optimal cycle. The DESMA GapAnalyser software then gives clear instructions on how to correct deviations in the individual machine cycles. In practical tests, successful optimisations of approx. 3% were achieved in the sealing area. This means that productivity could be increased by 3% after the causes of the different cycle times had been eliminated. DESMA offers analysis with the GapAnalyser as a service.

Foresight instead of repair - the ServiceCommitmentPackage
The DESMA ServiceCommitmentPackage is meant to increase equipment availability. The Service Commitment Package, individually tailored to customer requirements, defines preventive maintenance operations based on demand, in order to define a spare parts strategy and prevent machine breakdowns in good time. All necessary jobs, including hydraulic oil management, HydroClean, and preventive maintenance can be individually integrated with SmartPredict to achieve the highest possible availability effect.

SmartTrace - article traceability down to the individual cavity
DESMA will present several new options for reliable article identification, allowing allocation to the production data even after many years. The integration into the customer’s ERP environment is supported by DESMA with a customised service.

The SmartConnect 4.U-ECOSYSTEM
What was presented internationally three years ago with a roadshow on the subject of industry 4.0 and machine networking has now evolved into a platform which, in addition to pure machine networking, reflects the entire business relationship and will also be available to customers, DESMA and other business partners as an internal communication and knowledge platform.
All SmartConnect 4.U products that have been developed further in the meantime are now integrated and also available as a total of 12 individual SmartConnect 4.U products.

Hydraulic oil management HydroClean
Hydraulic oil change after a specified time or based on actual condition? Even better: The filling lasts the whole machine life. DESMA offers optional and retrofit packages for oil sensors, additional filter systems or complete oil reprocessing on the machine as a service and a new product.

Retrofit kit PerformanceHydraulics
For the D 969.300 Z Sealmaster S3, DESMA offers the PerformanceHydraulics retrofit kit, which facilitates savings of up to 3 seconds depending on the cycle sequence.

The SmartWall – well-protected machine technology
With the optional and retrofit SmartWall equipment, all Ethernet-equipped control components of the machine can be inexpensively brought together in the machine network within the control cabinet and protected against unauthorised external intervention. In addition, this allows remote maintenance access for malfunction diagnosis, troubleshooting and production increase by the DESMA service team if an Internet connection to the machine is available.

The DESMA mould making and cold runner expertise
In addition to specialty mould making, DESMA also offers technologies optimising gating, flash, quality and cycle via the FlowControl, E-Drive, and open or closed cold runner systems, and conventional or ZeroWaste ITM systems. In combination with the extensive application technology services, DESMA can significantly increase the resource efficiency of the user. The potential is demonstrated on the WorkBench, DESMA's own mould and cold runner assembly station.

DESMAcademy and SmartTraining
The DESMAcademy teaches machine and process engineering at the DESMA training centre and in the field of application. DESMA has increased the number of instructors to three and will provide the DESMAcademy with a new home. SmartTraining complements the distance learning programme - feel free to try it out! The didactic approach and the topics of the training programme are perfectly coordinated to teach knowledge and skills ranging from material science to article quality, and from mould handling and injection moulding to the complete automation programme with digitisation applications.

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