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Milacron collaborates with Nexus

Milacron collaborates with Nexus

News 06.02.2020

Milacron Injection Molding & Extrusion, a leading industrial technology company serving the plastics processing industry, is exhibiting an all-electric ROBOSHOT machine at MD&M West from February 11th to the 13th.


Continuing the 1999 MD&M West introduction of ROBOSHOT LSR molding and growing LSR presence, Milacron will exhibit the latest generation of ALL-ELECTRIC Alpha 110iA ROBOSHOT LSR molding cell. Milacron is pleased to be able to show this combination of a large platen using a small 14mm, 9cc LSR injection unit integrated with an X20 SERVOMIX dosing pump, a cold runner system utilizing Flowset cavity balancing with a 2-cavity mold, and a Nexmover robotic demolding system by NEXUS Elastomer Systems GmbH. The 3.0 cc shot size will demonstrate the capability of tackling near micro-molding LSR applications.

Drawing on 60-years of continuous development, the centerpiece of the ROBOSHOT Alpha Series is its industry-leading reliable control. User-friendly, highly flexible sequencing and featuring all the standard interfaces, it delivers fast processing times and consistent parts quality. This ensures ultimate accuracy and exceptional reliability across all processes as well as highly precise motion, position and pressure control.

Cell Details – Roboshot 110iA:



Clamping Force

110 USt [1000 kN]

Injection Unit

9 cc

Screw Diameter

14 mm

Dosing System






Milacron is delighted to show the ROBOSHOT superior accuracy and technology in association with the NEXUS’s dosing systems. Milacron will continue to leverage our shared presence in Cincinnati through their newly established subsidiary, NEXUS Elastomer Systems Ltd. Following the MD&M show, Milacron will offer turnkey solutions including machines, molds, automation, dispensing units, as well as systems for thermoplastic technology.

Milacron is also anticipating another successful demonstration with a NEXUS product on the MD&M West floor, following a successful trial of a Roboshot 140 LSR Cell at NPE 2018 and continue to push the boundaries of possibilities in plastics with breakthrough products.

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