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Moretto confirms its technological leadership at K 2019

Moretto confirms its technological leadership at K 2019


A new edition of the K fair has just ended, an unmissable event for the players in the plastic industry. Great excitement and positivity already came from the first statistics of Messe Düsseldorf that, despite a particularly delicate period for the plastic sector, attest that even in this edition the fair has been able to gather adhesions and presences far beyond expectations. A test of strength for the plastics industry that has shown everyone's commitment to developing projects related to recycling, sustainability and to circular economy. The same positivity overwhelms Moretto S.p.A. which is absolutely enthusiastic about the results of K 2019, an exhibition that always presents great opportunities and motivations for our sector.

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K 2019: a window on the Moretto world
On this occasion, Moretto again confirmed its technological leadership by presenting innovative and high-tech solutions. As in a large stage, Moretto exhibited the most innovative systems and products for injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion. There were two exhibition areas in Hall 11: one specifically dedicated to the extrusion sector, with Contrex brand products, the other one completely dedicated to Moretto.

Maximum energy efficiency even on small productions
Great success was achieved by X COMB dryer series, extended in the range to cover higher production needs. These mini dryers are a real combination of patented Moretto technologies: fully electric (they do not use compressed air), they are equipped with powerful turbo-compressors, zeolite technology, the Dew Point equalizer and the exclusive OTX hopper.

As for all Moretto dryers, the MOISTURE METER device, an exclusive Moretto solution for the precise in-line measurement of residual granule moisture can also be installed on the X COMB series. Moisture Meter analyzes and detects the exact content of residual moisture up to 15 parts per million.

New feeding and conveying solutions for micro-moulding and small productions
Big interest was gained by the solutions dedicated to "micro" conveying for the feeding and conveying of small quantities of technical materials. Very compact feeders, ideal for installation on stand-alone machines, on drying and dosing systems or directly on the throat of the processing machine. These conveying systems, like all of the Moretto range, include models specifically indicated for the use in clean rooms.

Energy efficiency systems dedicated to Packaging and PET
Particular attention was paid to the dehumidification of PET granules, a delicate phase especially for large productions, typical of the rigid packaging and beverage sectors. In a dedicated area of the stand, Moretto presented a drying system consisting of a XD 800X series dryer combined with the OTX hopper and MOISTURE METER MANAGER. A solution able to guarantee certifiable results, an absolute primacy in terms of energy efficiency for any type of material and a completely automatic system of the drying process.

4.0 Technologies for process supervision and control
For the supervision and control of plastics processing plants, Moretto presented the new version of the advanced MOWIS 3 supervision system, a modular software capable of adapting to the needs and to the qualitative, productive and managerial objectives of each customer, allowing connectivity between machines, processes, departments, plants and factories. MOWIS 3, a proprietary SCADA software entirely developed and designed "in House" is the latest evolution of Moretto's advanced supervision system, an essential tool for efficient and safe production, also of the "lights out" type.

Through MOWIS 3 the user monitors the status of each machine and each operation of the system: it records anomalies and creates a history, sets and/or modifies the process parameters, stores the changes to the system parameters, programs the work times, manages material consumption and production lots, creates process reports in real time and operating and efficiency statistics. Connected to the "service" it provides information on the status of the machines and identifies their maintenance needs. MOWIS 3 connects up to 1100 clients.

MOWIS 3 is remotely controllable and communicates with business management (ERP), production (MES) and customer data management systems via the universal OPC UA protocol.

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