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Tethered caps

Tethered caps


With some 1,000 cap types used by the global industry's major players, SACMI is the world's number one beverage cap designer. Now, with its tethered cap manufacturing solutions, SACMI is, four years in advance, ready to meet the requirements of the EU Directive forbidding single-use plastics which comes into force in 2024.

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The drive towards economic and environmental sustainability at the basis of the Directive will make use of this new cap type compulsory. Unlike traditional caps, tethered ones remain attached to the bottle after it has been opened.

Research shows, in fact, that plastic caps are one of the 10 most common objects discarded in the environment.

However, since cap and bottle are made of different materials, could there be re-use/recycling problems? The short answer is 'no'. The main materials used for bottles (PET) and caps (HDPE) have a different specific weight and can, therefore, easily be separated once delivered to waste disposal facilities.

SACMI has already launched various solutions for the manufacture of this cap type.

By focusing on the importance of future sustainability and developing a tethered solution (for both screw cap and snap on variants) 4 years in advance, SACMI aims to become the leading partner of the Closures-Beverage-PET industry.

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