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Good temperature distribution and constant cavity cooling

Good temperature distribution and constant cavity cooling


The CoolCross Z99/… offers a range of constructive possibilities for the user when it comes to designing cooling systems for injection moulds. Without any major outlay on production, it is possible to have cooling channels crossing each other on the same plane in a flexible and inexpensive manner.

Z99 Coolcross Presse

CoolCross permits a homogeneous temperature distribution at the core or insert already, as well as constant cavity cooling on all four sides for the full duration of the injection moulding cycle. It also prevents hot spots, in particular. In addition, 100% protection against rotation (achieved through a locking mechanism) prevents the unintended closure of the cooling channels.

Different independent cooling circuits cross each other on the same plane, making it possible to incorporate small plate thicknesses and inexpensive accessory components in the mould design. By reducing the plate thickness, use can be made of shorter nozzles, guidance and attachment elements. Not only the costs of the components are brought down, but also the processing costs.

Using the Z99/... permits a reduction in the number of cooling channels, since it is no longer necessary to have a cooling channel in an additional plane. If the CoolCross is used in thicker plates, the installation depth can be selected on a variable basis. Adapter Z9901/… is then used to provide support.

By employing the innovative CoolCross, which is available exclusively from HASCO, for the cooling circuits in injection moulds, it is possible to achieve time and cost savings for both the mould unit and the accessory components.

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