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The innovation driver in the mouldmaking segment

The innovation driver in the mouldmaking segment


A deep understanding of the practical side of mouldmaking and the demands of mouldmakers in their everyday work has made HASCO the innovation driver in this segment during its 100-year history. Following the market launch of the patented modular system in 1960, this manufacturer of standard mould units launched a range of new product developments in the 1970s, which are still on the market today. It started with the invention of the shut-off coupling under article designation Z80. Its worldwide reputation as a progressive and innovative company was, from then on, destined to permanently shape the history of mouldmaking.

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Alongside agility, simplicity and performance, innovation is one of our brand values that symbolise inventive spirit, origin and future. These are all major components of HASCO’s DNA. Innovative products, services and forms of communication still constitute the foundation of HASCO’s success today. The origin is based on the fact that, after the successful market launch, further product developments – mostly patented – have been brought to market maturity and market acceptance at regular intervals. Innovative latch locking units (1977), new types of needle shut-off mechanisms (1983), and many smaller aids such as sealing plugs (1984), date stamps for product marking (1985), and the additively manufactured hot runner HASCO Streamrunner® have contributed time and again to making the design and production of moulding tools easier. With over 100 ideas in the past and a further 100 ideas for the future, the leading supplier of modular standard mould units and accessories as well as individually manufactured hot runners continues to focus on stability and reliability.

“From practical experience to practical application”. This HASCO statement aptly describes the consistent and practical implementation of its many innovative ideas. It has not been rare for the company’s customers themselves to provide the inspiration for new technologies at the side of the HASCO creative team. In 2011, for example, a two-step ejector with what, at that time, was an innovative DLC coating (Diamond Like Carbon) was developed to market maturity together with a company from the packaging segment. For many years now, this coating has been a HASCO standard.

Innovation has, out of tradition, been basically seen holistically at HASCO. Alongside new standards through product developments that could be regularly used for mouldmaking, the company also operated in other areas with an eye on the future. As far as customer service is concerned, new avenues have been pursued through the introduction of a printed catalogue system. These moves have been consistently continued through digitalisation of the product range with simultaneous design and calculation support through the real-time provision of data.

The best products are of little use if they cannot be supplied to the customer at the workbench in the shortest possible time. In effect, the manufacturing methods have been consistently optimised over the course of the years through the use of the latest technologies. Furthermore, the logistic concepts have been regularly adapted to the demands of the market, and the transition to the digital age in mould and toolmaking have been decisively shaped through numerous developments at HASCO.

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