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29. January 2019 - 01. February 2019
Moscow, Russia
10. - 12. March 2019
Guangzhou, China
12. - 14. March   2019
ICE Europe
Munich, Germany
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Reliable Manufacturing Execution System for further growth

Сase studies

MONTIX, a.s. (Czech Republic) was founded in 2012 and evolved into a significant supplier for the automotive industry in five years’ time. MONTIX, a.s. operates two production sites –one in Horka nad Moravou focusing on final assembly and another one in Mohelnice, focusing on component production (injection molding and metalizing).

Due to the fast extension of the Mohelnice plant (currently almost 30 injection molding machines and 4 metalizing machines) MONTIX, a.s. required a system for efficient production control and production management.


“We were looking for a smart Manufacturing Execution System (MES). BMSvision proposed their comprehensive PlantMaster solution with a very clear concept and short installation time and one of our customers was very positive about BMSvision and its solutions,” explains plant manager, Mr. Luboš Hlaváček, the choice for PlantMaster.

Two and a half months after the installation, PlantMaster (which interfaces with the HELIOS ERP system) was fully up and running and MONTIX, a.s. started to see the first results in the injection department. “We were immediately able to monitor and optimize our production cycles in real time. Thanks to the Online monitoring tool we now also have a view on stop times, actual scrap and delays,” describes Mr. Luboš Hlaváček as main benefits just after starting to use PlantMaster.

Besides the online monitoring tool, MONTIX, a.s. currently also uses other PlantMaster features such as Real time scheduling, Reporting, Operator tracking, Management dashboard and Tool maintenance. PlantMaster data and reports have become the basis for daily production meetings.

However, the main challenge for PlantMaster in MONTIX, a.s. was the production monitoring of metalizing machines. MONTIX, a.s. is using advanced lean production without stock between the injection and metalizing process steps. Metalizing machines are not planned with fixed production orders but are producing a mixture of products in one cycle, depending on the current situation in the shop floor.

“We have implemented a unique solution - product codes are easily read before the next metalizing cycle. Everything is covered by the standard DU11 terminal and connected barcode scanner. We are now able to collect product related data from metalizing machines without any need for additional software. Planners can also easily check the capacity of metalizing both in real time as for upcoming shifts,” describes the plant manager.

BMSvision is proud to be a partner of MONTIX, a.s. in the continuous improvement program of their lean manufacturing system.

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