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Large-tonnage press to produce 65- and 95-gal waste containers

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Yizumi-HPM Corp., a unit of the Yizumi Group and a leading manufacturer of high-quality hybrid injection molding machinery from 60 to 3500 tons, has announced the sale of a 3500-ton, dual-platen UN3500DP-N-75500 injection molding machine to Otto Environmental Systems, a leading manufacturer of waste containers for residential, commercial, and retail markets.

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The sale was finalized after meetings at the NPE 2018 show in Orlando the week of May 7-11, according to Bill Duff, General Manager, Sales and Marketing for Yizumi-HPM. The new large-tonnage injection machine will be used to manufacture 65- and 95-gal capacity waste containers.

“We’re very pleased to be providing a high-productivity molding system to one of the leading manufacturers of waste containers in the U.S.,” said Duff. “In the end, I believe we offered the greatest value in terms of technology, quality, and engineering - all at the right price.”

The new UN3500DP-N-75500 machine will enable Otto Environmental to significantly improve cycle time and productivity, according to Michael Henry, director of procurement for Otto Environmental. “We’re excited to partner with Yizumi-HPM for this high-value package which not only meets our financial and warranty requirements but delivers optimum performance and cycle time improvements,” said Henry.

Otto Environmental sought request for proposals from five machine makers and met with Yizumi-HPM before NPE and also had talks during the show in Orlando. ”We were impressed with the aggressive lead time and their intention to establish technical service facilities throughout the U.S.,” said Henry.

The injection molding machine includes a full automation package including a 5-axis servo robot, safety enclosures, and conveyors.

About Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc.
Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc. (OESNA), based in Charlotte, N.C., is a manufacturer of waste containers for residential, commercial, and retail markets. OESNA also has a container service division that provides residential waste container logistics, distribution, servicing, and repairing, as well as a custom molding division that offers product design and manufacturing for automotive, consumer goods, and material handling sectors. Otto containers are the most widely used brand of residential carts in the world. The original Otto Group was founded in 1934 and now has more than 100 million carts in service around the globe.

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