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Innoware Indonesia is, among other things, a well-known specialist in regard to the manufacturing of IML packaging (In-Mold Labeling). They are using equipment from WITTMANN and WITTMANN BATTENFELD for the production of high-quality cups and lids.


Views of the Innoware production equipment in Tangerang near Jakarta, Indonesia, showing robots and a WITTMANN Group IML production cell.

PT Innoware Indonesia was founded in 2007 by Mr. Cirellus Hartono and Mrs. Hany Saliman, and since then has been based at the Jatake Industrial Estate in Tangerang, about 40 km from Jakarta. The company is one of the most innovative plastic packaging manufacturers in the entire region, and operates a total of 28 injection molding machines. Innoware provides a “one-stop service” for product design, production and delivery of high quality products – not only plastic packaging for food and beverages, but also non-food products, such as promotional gifts.
With a strong commitment to lead in product quality, innovation, and service quality, the company first understands the needs of their customers, and then they develop and supply the right product solution in terms of quality, cost and conditions of delivery. Innoware is moving confidently forward to become one of Indonesia’s leading players in the plastic packaging industry.
In an area of 2,500 m², Innoware has 190 employees. 40% of the company’s production volume consists of In-Mold Labeling (IML) products. Innoware supplies many major food and beverage companies with these parts, including Campina Ice Cream Industry, Diamond Cold Storage, Indolakto, Unilever, Frisian Flag, Indofood, GarudaFood, Mondelez, Nestlé, etc.

Innoware bought 3 W717 top entry IML systems from WITTMANN BATTENFELD Singapore in 2009. In the same year, and again in 2012, they purchased some IML turnkey systems, 4 in total, each of which consisted of a TM Xpress injection molding machine (with clamping forces from 160 to 350 tons), W737 IML automation, and a respective mold. In 2015, they purchased a WITTMANN W818 top entry robot. These systems constantly produce ice cream containers and the corresponding container lids. Down to the present day, Innoware and WITTMANN BATTENFELD have been working together to achieve the best results for Innoware and their ambitious customers.


Some examples of finished IML packaging.

Joint venture and expansion
In October 2014, MIKO PAC NV – the biggest food and beverages packaging company in Belgium – became the 50% stakeholder of Innoware Indonesia, which resulted in considerable business growth for Innoware in the Indonesian market. Innoware Indonesia will move to a new 31,000 m² factory in Tangerang at the end of 2016. According to Mr. Cirellus Hartono, because of the expansion of the company’s production, 8 more injection molding IML system (with clamping forces from 160 to 600 tons) will be purchased.
With regard to the very good business relations and the excellent after sales service that WITTMANN BATTENFELD is known for, the company is confident that they can serve Innoware Indonesia well in carrying out this upcoming project.

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