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27. September - 01. October 2022
Taipei Plas
Taipei, Taiwan
19. - 26. October 2022
Düsseldorf, Germany
01. - 05. February 2023
New Delhi, India
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At Chinaplas 2018 with the latest technological evolutions

At Chinaplas 2018 with the latest technological evolutions

News 27.03.2018

At this year Chinaplas, the Piovan Group will bring its latest technological evolution in the field of material handling and - under the Aquatech brand - in the one of process water cooling and temperature control. New products to deliver more and more its own know-how and expertise to the Chinese customers.

At the Piovan’s stand a material handling system fully in operation, comprising the Quantum gravimetric blender, Q7 in a special configuration, the Modula multi-hopper drying system of the GMP25 Adaptive series and the Easylink automatic coupling station, will offer visitors a comprehensive overview of modern and advanced machines to process plastics in ever more efficient fashion, with no material waste.

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Special attention is given to the high-efficient process water cooling and temperature control with the innovations exhibited under the Aquatech brand. With this regards, the keynote product will be Easytherm, the new line of temperature controllers for the smart factories of the future. A new internal and external layout, the redesigned ergonomic control, coupled with the use of high-end components, characterise a versatile machine that guarantees reliability, accuracy and an intelligent management of consumption. It is already set up for use in "Industry 4.0" environments with open standards, such as the integrated OPC-UA protocol.

Another important innovation on display is Winenergy, the system for monitoring and analysing energy consumption consisting of proprietary software, connected to a series of measuring instruments capable of detecting data related to different physical quantities, such as power, electricity, thermal energy, temperature.

Winenergy can be installed individually or together with Winfactory 4.0, the Piovan's supervision software for the Smart Factory, in order to maximize control and efficiency of the manufacturing process.

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