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Technology connecting China and Europe

Technology connecting China and Europe

News 16.05.2018

Under the motto “Technology Connecting China and Europe” as ever, Yizumi, a leader China’s equipment technology, was showcasing its pioneering innovations at CHINAPLAS 2018, the largest plastics and rubber trade fair in Asia, heldin National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) today. New technologies and processes, such as FoamPro + DecoPro, MultiPro, OpticPro, and PacPro will make their debuts at Yizumi booth.

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To become a leading provider of cost-effective solutions
Since Dr. -Ing. Hans Wobbe, the world-renowned expert in injection molding machine, joined Yizumi as the Chief Strategy Officer in 2016, YIZUMI has enthusiastically embraced advanced European technologies with a more open mind, and teamed up with a broad network of R&D institutes in Europe, such as IKV (Plastics Processing Institute of Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen, Germany) and AZL (Aachen Lightweight Design Center).

“Yizumi is moving away just from providing a standalone machine to focusing more on the entire ecosystem consisting of final products, molds, machines, ancillary equipment, automation, and production environment. This is how we strive to become a leading provider of cost-effective solutions,” Dr. Hans Wobbe said. To achieve this strategic goal, the China-based company will establish a global open innovation center, and seek greater synergies with research institutes, colleges and universities, and other technology partners all over the world.

Yizumi has set up a R&D center in Germany and co-invested with Prince & Weiss in an environmental-friendly plastics innovation center in Eupen, Belgium. By doing so, Yizumi try facilitating the development of advanced molding technologies through an international high-tech network.

FoamPro+DecoPro: Solution for Automotive Decoration Part Upgrade
With vehicles inevitably getting lighter, Yizumi has given careful consideration in how to reduce vehicle weight through developing new injection molding technology. At the trade show, the company was demonstrating how to produce a high-end physical foamed engine cover in one step to achieve good surface quality and combine with an aluminum deco foil, by using the latest FoamPro + DecoPro processes – combining in mould graining (IMG), back injection, Plastics Interface Technology and MuCell. This process combination can help to upgrade automotive decoration parts, by using a variety of materials such as metal, leather, fabricand wood. It can reduce the part weight by 30%, shorten the cycle time by more than 15%, eliminate warpage and shrinkage, reduce costs and bring exquisite surface effect.
It is worth mentioning that the demonstration of FoamPro and DecoPro processes were co-developed by Yizumi together with GK Concept, AKRO-PLASTIC, LyondellBasell, HRSflow, SINGLE and many other global technology partners. It demonstrated the determination of YIZUMI to connect technology between China and Europe.

Pro generation: targeting multi-component molding and LSR molding
Currently, customers show a greater interest in solutions than in individual machines. From the perspective of application, Yizumi has accordingly turned its eyes to fields likes multi-component molding, LSR molding and thin-walled molding.
-    A C-series high-end multi-component injection molding machine with the application of MultiPro process, designed to meet individual market requirements, was producing 400 ml two-color cups at the booth.
-    Yizumi’s OpticPro process shown at CHINAPLAS 2018 is suitable for LSR. The FF series all-electric injection molding machine, which was jointly designed by Yizumi and its European partners, will produce LSR street light lens on site with fully-automatic part removal and packing.
-    Yizumi PacPro thin-walled injection molding technology focuses on improvement of efficiency and providing customers with cost-effective solutions. At CHINAPLAS, the PAC series machine produced IML thin-walled plastic cups within 3 seconds in a four-cavity mold. The machine and mold were designed and manufactured by YIZUMI.

In addition to the above new processes, Yizumi was also showcasing the A5S upgraded model of the standard high-end servo injection molding machine, which was demonstrating molding of trigger sprayers in a 24-cavity mold. As a general purpose injection molding machine, the A5S can meet the needs of various industries such as cosmetics, packaging, and many other different applications.

Yizumi also delivered several keynote speeches to give an insight into Yizumi’s innovative processes. Visitors could also scan a QR Code for “Yizumi e-service” to access our 24h service system at the Yizumi booth to gain first-hand experience of our complete customer service programme.

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