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Moretto presents its concept of efficiency

Moretto presents its concept of efficiency

News 30.08.2018

Moretto’s solutions, result of a continuous investment on technological innovation, are distinguished by being efficient and low energy consumption machines, conceived with the criteria of Industry 4.0 and based on the respect for environmental needs.

Injection, extrusion and PET processing are characterized by specific complexities and high levels of performance, in which production and energy efficiency play key roles. In order to remain competitive, plastic processors need to equip themselves with high performance plants in terms of energy efficiency and quality of the final product.

Moretto’s goal, also declared by the new pay off Empowering Plastics (that means "infuse more power to plastic"), is to help the industry through know-how, innovation and high-precision machines which make the difference.

# Efficiency 4.0
At Fakuma 2018, Moretto presents his concept of “Efficiency 4.0”, essential for the factory of the future. For Moretto, “Efficiency 4.0” means a plant made up of advanced machinery and solutions, connected and integrated with each other by a supervision system that guarantees total control of the process.

With a broader view, Moretto aims to support customers by providing experience, technologies and services which meet the needs of the global market. On the 4.0 factory, machines can be remotely managed, they are able to supply and exchange information, to self-program and to provide frequent reports on production. The data obtained are used to modify the process parameters to monitor the performance of the machines, thus optimizing the efficiency of the entire plant.

# The Moretto’s 4.0 automations exhibited at Fakuma
At Fakuma, in a 230 mq booth, Moretto shows its latest innovation with “Efficiency 4.0”. Moretto offers a range of products that satisfies the entire preparation process of the plastic material, from its storage in the silos until the injection moulding machine. The range also includes technologies and machines, developed to guarantee adequate levels of dehumidification, granulation and dosage of the polymer. These are ideal conditions to allow processors to obtain a high quality final product.

stand moretto fakuma 2017

Moretto stand at Fakuma 2017

Everything under control of Mowis 3, the integrated self-configurable supervision system with intuitive object programming, developed by Moretto for the connection and control of the whole automation chain in plastics processing plants.

Mowis 3 overcomes the barriers of traditional supervision by adapting to the needs and the qualitative, productive and managerial objectives of every customer. It’s a modular software with unique, auto-configurable and user friendly interface which allows immediate display of the system status

With Mowis 3, the integrated process control is easily managed from any location, on-site or remote.

Based on SCADA system, Mowis 3 allows a safe and immediate exchange of data between standard modules, taylor-made modules and the customer management system.

Moretto’s drying solutions are suitable both for complex models such as multi hopper systems and for the dehumidification of small quantities of technical materials, like X Comb mini dryers, designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding sectors such as the medical, without the use of compressed air. X Comb guarantees maximum efficiency and reliability thanks to the zeolite technology, the powerful turbo compressors, the exclusive OTX hopper and the dew point equalizer (up to -52 ° C).

The compact dryers of the X Dry Air series, equipped with a double-bed system with zeolite technology and a transparent OTX Pyrex hopper, ensure even higher performance by reaching dew point values up to -70 ° C.

For multi hopper plants, the best drying solution is the revolutionary EUREKA PLUS system, “the most advanced low consumption drying system available on the marketable to reduce energy consumption by 56% compared to conventional drying systems. Eureka Plus consists of four Moretto-patented technologies:
- X MAX, the only high performance multi-bed modular dryer
- FLOWMATIK, a dynamic airflow management system,
- OTX, innovative hoppers with an exclusive internal geometry
- MOISTURE METER MANAGER, the revolutionary device which measures polymer residual moisture in-line and adapts the drying system operations.

By working together, these four automations provide an “on demand” self-adjusting, modular and energy-saving drying system.

Moisture Meter Manager, thanks to the sophisticated Box, Crown and Control devices, can detect in-line the intrinsic moisture in the polymer with an extraordinary level of precision: from 3,000 up to a minimum of 15 parts per million (ppm), with a degree of precision of ±3 ppm and a temperature range from 20 to180°C.

Moisture Meter Manager is a real “intelligent” device, it automatically directs the drying system to adjust its drying parameters to match the drying requirements, assuring that material is perfectly dried using the minimum amount of energy. With Moisture Meter Manager we talk about “drying on demand” by targeting the actual moisture levels of the resin and not simply providing the same drying heat and airflow for all conditions.

At Fakuma great attention is also dedicated to the dosing phase, with the presentation of DPK, the new compact loss-in-weight dosing unit, suitable for intermittent or continuous dosing of small quantities of color or additives into a flow base material, that solves the problem of overdosing with an extremely precise control. Thanks to the exclusive vibration immunity system, the machine control algorithm and the hopper removeable from the dosing unit, DPK achieves a dosing accuracy up to ±0,03%, allowing processors to avoid unnecessary wastes of expensive additives.

Among Moretto’s innovations presented at Fakuma 2018, there are certainly three new types of maintenance hoppers, valid solutions for the containment of plastic granules on the processing machines.

The TM hoppers made of stainless steel and with a characteristic cone shape, guarantee an optimal flow of any material, and are suitable to accept single-phase, three-phase and receivers for centralized conveying systems.

The TMC hoppers are used for the treatment of dried hot materials. Realized in stainless steel, they feature the double-wall insulation with removable cone that avoids heat loss by creating a process constancy.

Krystal maintenance hoppers (TMK) are made of transparent shockproof acrylic material, they ensure an effective containment of plastic granules and offer a great visibility allowing the operator to immediately verify the level of material.

The Dolphin distribution manifolds, the Kruise Kontrol speed control and the suction units with cyclone filter are all machines controlled by the One Wire 6 software, the “intelligent conveying system” developed by Moretto. “Intelligent” because it is able to automatically handle the demands of the individual receivers, to adapt to the changes and manage the entire process with maximum efficiency, without resorting to manual settings.

The large amount of energy required for the cooling process in the transformation of plastic material, requires very effective and extremely flexible systems, such as the new RC Mini chillers, which inherit the characteristics and performance of the superior series of modular air coolers RCV X COOLER.

The chillers of the RC Mini series, characterized by cooling capacities from 6.8 to 26.2 kW, are made of stainless steel, and are compact and practical machines easy to install in the department. RCV X COOLER is the new modular cooler that inherits the X MAX spirit of EUREKA as it develops into a concept of great efficiency (cooling power up to 900 Kw), modularity and easy expansion over time (up to 6 units). X COOLER is equipped with: screw compressors with variable flow, high efficiency evaporators, centrifugal fans and electronic expansion valves that, even in this case, guarantee high level of C.O.P. They are characterized by being suitable even for the most demanding applications, they are ideal allies to optimize productivity, minimize energy consumption, increase the profitability of the entire process, guaranteeing high quality production.

Towards increasingly "sustainable and 4.0" refrigeration! Moretto chillers use low GWP refrigerating gases (Global Warming Protection and ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential), as established by the EU517 / 2017 regulation for the reduction of the greenhouse effect.

Te-Ko temperature controllers (water, oil or pressurized) complete the displayed range of products, they ensure absolute efficiency and precision in the automatic temperature control both in the moulds of the injection moulding machines and in the cylinders and rollers of the extruders.

# Moretto’s projects for the future: continuous innovation, energy saving and sustainability
Moretto looks to the future by investing in innovation, energy saving and sustainable projects.

The intent is to sublimate the plastic such as "raw material" which is essential and irreplaceable in the lives of each of us and to focus on eco-sustainable activities and new materials such as bioplastics.

The green project “BE TOMORROW” born from the company's need to spread awareness, information and responsibility towards the environment. A long-term project oriented to safeguard the world of tomorrow, that of our children.

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