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Yizumi at Fakuma 2018

Yizumi at Fakuma 2018

News 15.11.2018

On October 16th, Fakuma2018, the world’s top plastics exhibition, opened at the Friedrichshafen Exhibition Center in Germany. The show was on until October 20th, with more than 1,900 exhibitors from around the world bringing the latest technology of the plastics processing industry, as well as processes and molds for efficient processing like injection molding, extrusion, thermal forming and 3D printing.


Yizumi SPACE A robotic flexible additive manufacturing system

It was the first time that Yizumi participated in the Fakuma event where Yizumi’s German subsidiary made the first appearance since establishment. Yizumi showed the first SPACE A robotic flexible additive manufacturing system in the exhibition hall, which attracted a lot of people’s attention.

Additive manufacturing refers to the technology of manufacturing solid parts by gradually adding materials. Compared with the traditional material removal-cutting technology, it is a “bottom-up” manufacturing method.

Yizumi SPACE A robotic flexible additive manufacturing system is a kind of equipment that can integrate different manufacturing processes. This machine can be used in combination with additive manufacturing processes (also known as 3D printing) or other processes such as inserts and subtractive manufacturing. At the booth Yizumi SPACE A printed structural parts of different sizes with PA6 CF30 as the printing material, and the cycle time was not more than 40 minutes.

The parts produced by Yizumi SPACE A robotic flexible additive manufacturing system can be applied to the fields of automobiles, home appliances, construction, etc., providing cost-effective production method and achieving high-quality automated small-scale production of customized components.

Through different combinations of units, Yizumi SPACE A can use other special materials such as continuous fiber reinforced materials, low melting point alloys, thermosetting and elastomeric plastics for production.

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The parts produced by Yizumi SPACE A



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