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14. - 16. October 2019
Munich, Germany
16. - 23. October 2019
Düsseldorf, Germany
19. - 22. November 2019
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Digitalised and automated injection moulding technology

Digitalised and automated injection moulding technology

News 08.05.2019

At Plastpol 2019 in Kielce (Poland), to be held from 28 to 31 May 2019, ARBURG will present digital products for efficient injection moulding as well as turnkey and automation solutions.

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Competent partner in Poland
"Plastpol is the central meeting point for the plastics industry in Central and Eastern Europe, and we have maintained a very successful presence here for decades", explains Slawomir Sniady, Managing Director of ARBURG Polska Sp. z o. "As a pioneer in digitalisation and a competent partner for turnkey solutions, we are joining our customers on the journey into the digital future of plastics processing and will be presenting practical solutions and applications in Kielce."

Key Industry 4.0 component: Arburg host computer system (ALS)
As a central component of Industry 4.0, the ARBURG ALS host computer system enables online data exchange across production facilities and locations (horizontal integration) as well as with a PPC/ERP system (vertical integration). At Plastpol, both exhibits are networked via ALS. ARBURG experts will demonstrate on a monitor how all relevant production and quality data can be recorded and archived, and how continuous traceability of orders, batches or individual parts is possible.

Turnkey system: Tension straps manufactured on demand
As a practical example of Industry 4.0, a turnkey system with a vertical ALLROUNDER 375 V will demonstrate how customer requirements can be integrated into the running injection moulding process online. At Plastpol, visitors can choose between tension straps of different lengths, colours and end piece combinations and can enter the variant of their choice directly at the terminal. The order is then transferred to the central SELOGICA control system via the OPC UA communication protocol. The turnkey system produces the tension straps "on demand" on a flexible shot-to-shot basis – with no need for conversions, thanks to a clever product and mould design and Industry 4.0 components. In industrial practice, such an application would be ideal for cable assembly in the automotive industry, for example.

GOLDEN ELECTRIC: Automated production of cable ties
An ALLROUNDER 570 E Golden Electric with 2,000 kN of clamping force will produce PP cable ties on an 8-cavity mould in a cycle time of around 20 seconds. The injection moulding machine features compact automation with a MULTILIFT SELECT. The linear robotic system integrated in the SELOGICA control system removes the moulded parts from the mould and sets them down on a conveyor belt.

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