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Advanced electric actuation for large part applications

Advanced electric actuation for large part applications

News 13.06.2019

Synventive, a business within Barnes Molding Solutions strategic business unit, has recently released eGate® 2.0, the latest addition to its activeGate control technologies. eGate delivers complete pin movement control for large part sequential valve gated applications. This next generation eGate gives precision molders far greater options and delivers clean, quiet and energy-efficient operation that is responsive, precise and repeatable.

The eGate electric actuator bolts directly on the manifold for an easy install, offering both a compact footprint and small stack height. Precise all electric control of each valve pin’s position, speed, velocity and stroke is capable of delivering:

eGate 1 eGate  2

•Optimal cosmetics for class A surfaces

•Control balance and pack

•Warpage reduction

•Clamp force reduction

•Part weight reduction

•Greater application flexibility

•Maintenance free motor


eGate’s new easy-to-use intuitive interface includes a simple drag and drop editor for easy setup, recipe storage, and mold overview as well as offers varying levels of user control.

Synventive’s expanding portfolio ranges from simple monitoring systems to fully closed loop pressure control and comes with over 20 years of activeGate experience, ensuring the optimal technology for any application.

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