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Piovan Group at Packaging and Recycling Forum 2019

Piovan Group at Packaging and Recycling Forum 2019

News 01.07.2019

Pursuing its commitment to sustainability and circular economy, on July 3-4, Piovan will take part in Packaging & Recycling Forum in Arese, the conference organized in the charming location of Alfa Romeo Historical Museum, in Arese.

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The two-day event has been conceived by Plast organizers to bring together the entire supply chain of plastic material for food and industrial use, to show the entire packaging life cycle, highlighting the main topics of debate: the choice between rigid and flexible packaging, the recyclability of multilayer materials, contact with food, the evolution of regulations.

Piovan Group will be present both as a speaker and official sponsor. Davide Frison, Piovan Industry Sector Manager for Technical Sheet applications, will deliver a presentation on solutions for handling of post-consumer and in-house regrind. During his speech, he will present how it is possible to develop technologies for using recycled materials for the production of food and non-food packaging, by adopting Piovan Group solutions. The company will introduce the key benefits and features of its solutions for crystallization, drying, feeding and conveying, dosing and storage, making them suitable for processing recycled material.

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