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To focus entirely on hot runner business

To focus entirely on hot runner business

News 30.01.2020

INglass announces the sale of 100% of INEVO to Luigi Cover, owner of CST Stampi and Roberto Fagarazzi, Sales Director of the INglass mould division, since 2015.

INEVO is the new name of the INglass mould division that started as INCOS in 1987. INCOS, focused since the beginning on injection moulds manufacturing for the car lighting market and the glazing technology.

Maurizio Bazzo, President and Founder of INglass, states: "The sale of INEVO will allow Inglass to entirely focus on the HRSflow hot runner business, a market that requires continuous innovation and investments in order to satisfy the increasingly demanding needs of the injection moulding industry”.

Luigi Cover, Ceo of INEVO states: “We are proud of this acquisition. INEVO has been chosen due to its deep knowledge of the lighting mould market and its high innovation skills in the production of new components for the smart mobility. At the same time the synergies with CST Stampi, both in design and manufacturing, will allow us to be a perfect partner for all the markets that require cutting edge technology “.

The just signed company transfer represents the completion of the process of total separation between the hot runner systems HRSflow division and the lighting mold division.

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