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Husky responding to Italian Competition Authority Complaint

Husky responding to Italian Competition Authority Complaint

News 13.03.2020

Husky Injection Molding Systems has recently confirmed that it is being investigated by the Italian Competition Authority based on a complaint made by a competitor into a trade practice allegedly carried out by Husky.

Husky is aware of the importance of corporate compliance with competition laws and will be collaborating with the Italian Competition Authority in relation to the investigation.

Husky’s high performance equipment is best-suited for use with tooling designed with special features to operate at higher speeds and pressures. The facts demonstrate that operating Husky’s high performance equipment at these high speeds using tooling without those special features, whether supplied by Husky or its competitors, pose important risks to safety and product integrity. Husky takes user safety very seriously and, as such, advises its customers that high performance of its equipment may not be achievable when tooling without those special features are installed in these Husky machines.

Husky has no further comment at this time. The company will update stakeholders as the situation requires.

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