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Piovan to exhibit in Zhengzhou

Piovan to exhibit in Zhengzhou

News 20.11.2020

From the 27th to the 29th of November, Piovan Group - with its brands Piovan and Aquatech - will be showcasing its newly developed products and engineered solutions for the plastics industry: from drying systems to temperature controllers, from traceability of the raw materials to solutions for Industry 4.0, including cooling systems to provide complete turn-key solutions.

“This is the first show we participate in China in 2020, since the begging of pandemic and it is an important that clearly express our desire to be always close to our customers. At the same time, we continue to put at the first place and as the main purpose the safety of all our customers, partners and employees. It is as real as our constant commitment to valuing our customers and employees.” Flavio Zaghini said, General Manager at Piovan China. “China will continue to be an important market to show the positive growth in 2021” - continues Zaghini.

On display Exacta GV, the new gravimetric feeder for micro-dosing equipped with an advance control that allows a complete control of frequency vibrations in order to obtain the exact throughput, while an optimised filtering system identifies and neutralises all the vibrations coming from an external source.

Moreover, visitors may see on display Moisture Minder, the Piovan solution for real time measurement of moisture in plastic granules. This on-line measure tool allows to monitor the final moisture of the hot dry PET resin prior to entering into the IMM and, at the same time, allows the fine tuning of dryer parameters and production lot certification with Winfactory 4.0.

Aquatech, the Piovan Group company that designs and builds technologically advanced cooling systems for industrial production, will showcase Easytherm, the new mold temperature control unit and the CH 280VH series of portable chillers.

On display there will be innovative solutions developed according to Industry 4.0 guideline with Winfactory 4.0, the supervision software for the digital factory.

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