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New hot runner temperature controller

New hot runner temperature controller

News 12.03.2021

New TempMaster-ME hot runner temperature controller
Mold-Masters is proud to be introducing new TempMaster-ME hot runner temperature controller for global release. The ME platform is focused on providing a controller unit that is highly economical, simple to operate/maintain and available with short lead times (off the shelf/ready to ship). The TempMaster-ME controller provides essential features for low cavitation molds (12 zones max) in a compact and lightweight package.

Precise temperature control
TempMaster-ME features Mold-Masters proprietary Auto-Tuning APS (Adaptive Process System) algorithm that continuously monitors, learns, predicts and automatically adapts to process variables of each individual zone. APS is standard on ALL TempMaster controllers which allows you to optimize the performance of any hot runner system.

Mold Masters TempMaster ME Hot Runner Temperature Controller 0

Benefits include:
• Precise Control Accuracy
• Superior System Reliability
• Enhanced Part Quality & Gate Vestige
• Improved Part Consistency
• Reduced Scrap
• Lower Power Consumption
• Maximized Profit Margins

Simple to operate
The unit is operated by a 5” full color LCD touch screen from which up to 12 zones can be monitored at once. Navigation is intuitive and requires little to no training. You can essentially open the box, plug it in and start molding. You have the choice to order a unit with 6 or 12 zones (15-Amp per zone). Control cards are integrated into the unit which provides the power to control a wide range of heated zones which includes anything from nozzles to manifolds.

TM-ME also supports 13 languages which includes: English, French, German. Spanish, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Czech, Italian, Hungarian, Turkish, Portuguese, Korean. Supply voltage is 200/240v 3P Delta or 380/440v 3P Star (480v, 3P with transformer).

Essential features
TempMaster-ME is packed with the production and safety features that matter most. This includes Soft Start, Wet Heater Bakeout, Continuous Ground Fault Detection, Overload Protection, Automatic Tool Diagnostics, Plastic Leak Detection, Tool Storage and more.

Compact & lightweight
At only 36x39x20cm (14”x15”x8”) TM-ME saves a significant amount of space and is compact enough to be placed almost anywhere. In situations where additional units are required, they can be stacked on top of one another.

Quick and easy to maintain
The 6-zone/15-Amp control cards can be accessed by removing the top and bottom (if applicable) cover where zone fuses are instantly accessible. You can also access power fuses from the side of the unit. Mold-Masters on-site support is also available upon request.

Ready to ship
As the TM-ME is a standardized off the shelf unit, inventory will be held at various global facilities, so they are ready to ship and available with short lead times (24-48hrs).

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