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28. - 30. September 2021
Birmingham, UK
12. - 16. October 2021
Friedrichshafen, Germany
15. - 18. November 2021
Dubai, UAE
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Hannover Messe digital edition

Hannover Messe digital edition

News 26.03.2021

At the Hannover Messe Digital Edition in April 2021, ARBURG will present a turnkey system that sets new standards in digitalisation, automation, and circular economy when it comes to plastics processing. The mugs produced by this system can be finished inline, traced specifically to their parts, and labelled with recycling information.

Automated and 100% traceable
An electric ALLROUNDER 370 A produces crinkle mugs that are handled with the new MULTILIFT V 20 robotic system. The injection moulding process is followed by plasma treatment and digital printing. In addition to product finishing, two DM codes are printed onto the product. These codes can be used to call up the process data and material information.

"Smart" Turnkey System
The ALLROUNDER is equipped with intelligent assistance systems such as the aXw Control FillAssist, which enables filling simulations to be displayed directly on the control screen. The production cell can be connected to an MES such as the ARBURG host computer system or an ERP system via the standard IIoT gateway. In the case of the exhibit, the ARBURG Turnkey Control Module (ATCM) Scada system visualises all relevant process and quality data and amalgamates it for each specific part. In this way, every single mug can be 100% traced.

Digital twin for separation by type
ARBURG brings together its circular economy and resource conservation activities in the arburgGREENworld program. As the exclusive engineering partner of the R-Cycle project, ARBURG also uses the crinkle mug to demonstrate how high-quality recyclate can be recovered and the recycling loop closed. Each product is given a digital twin via a database in which all information relating to recycling is stored. Reading out the corresponding DM code then makes separation by type possible.

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