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Protection against dirt, leakage and damage

Protection against dirt, leakage and damage

News 02.04.2021
Z8087 Nippel Presse

New HASCO protective caps for connecting nipples
When cooling systems are used in injection moulds, it is important to prevent leaked cooling media from contaminating the work environment. Connecting nipples should also be protected against soiling and damage.

Protection for connecting nipples against dirt, leakage and damage
The new protective caps Z8087/… can be fitted without tools and are designed to match HASCO’s proven temperature control program, offering compatibility with all size 9 and 13 connecting nipples. The caps provide reliable protection for the functional and sealing surfaces of connecting nipples, prevent any uncontrolled outflow of cooling media and reduce the risk of leakage. Using the protective caps also effectively stops any dirt from entering the cooling channels from the outside.

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