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Innovative materials for automotive interiors and industrial tools market

Innovative materials for automotive interiors and industrial tools market

News 09.04.2021

KRAIBURG TPE, a global TPE manufacturer brings its latest THERMOLAST® K AD1/AP series with improved design advantages and solutions to the Asia Pacific automotive interior and industrial parts market

New TPE on the block: AD1/AP series
The AD1/AP series compounds is a fresh addition to KRAIBURG TPE’s THERMOLAST® K compound series family. They are primarily suited for sophisticated hard-soft composite components with high requirements in relation to surface quality.

ad1ap series artworkrectangularfinal

With hardness range between 60 to 80 Shore A, the AD1/AP series produces even surfaces with two component injection molding. Furthermore, it offers good adhesion with PC, ABS and SAN and comply with the low odor and emission requirements for automotive interiors. It also has good processability and improved surface aspect.

KRAIBURG TPE’s compounds can be easily processed through the multi-component injection molding process to achieve the best adhesion property. Meanwhile, insert molding allows for more leeway to greater innovation possibilities in the designs of components.

Available in black color, the AD1/AP series is an ideal material solution for automotive interiors and industrial parts applications such as handles for tools and power tools.

Winning design, a plus factor
To meet sophisticated automotive aesthetics appeal, the THERMOLAST® K series also features enhanced UV resistance, and scratch and abrasion resistance suitable for an interior application in car mats, cup holders, door sills, and more.

Project Manager of KRAIBURG TPE, Marcus Cheah, says, “Our TPE compounds, with the two-component molding capabilities, allow for more innovation and possibilities for plastic parts designs. They improve soft-touch elements and reduce the annoying, rattling and creaking noise when used as damping elements. Our low-odor and low emission TPE solutions meet the high requirements for OEM automotive interior applications.”

Discover the innovation in CHINAPLAS 2021
KRAIBURG TPE’s AD1/AP series is specifically targeted at the Asia Pacific automotive interior and industrial parts markets. This new series AD1/AP will also be highlighted by KRAIBURG TPE at the upcoming CHINAPLAS 2021 show, to be held from 13-16 April 2021, at Shenzhen World Exhibition and Conventional Center, China.

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