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Standard Engineering Tool for mouldmaking

Standard Engineering Tool for mouldmaking

News 18.06.2021

Designers and builders of injection moulding tools greatly appreciate the various possibilities offered by the HASCO portal. From the mouldmaking assistant, and the generation of parts lists, through to the direct and easy ordering of quality mould units, the online portal simplifies the day-to-day work of the users. With the new HASCO SET Standard Engineering Tool, the internationally leading producer of standard mould units has now come up with a completely newly developed offline software program geared specifically to the needs of mouldmaking designers.


Because CAD computers in design – often for security reasons – are not connected with the Internet, the HASCO SET as an offline version offers the optimum solution here. Simply install it and utilise the entire product library comfortably at the CAD workstation. Regular updates guarantee the user access to more than 100,000 quality mould units, current product data and the very latest information.

HASCO SET – The key to success for designers in mouldmaking
The Standard Engineering Tool enables mould designers to utilise the required mould units in the fastest possible way. The already proven mouldmaking assistant from the HASCO portal provides further support. With just a few clicks and with the integrated layout editor, personalised mould structures can be easily configured. Furthermore, interfaces are available for all conventional CAD systems. Models of the products can be directly imported and exported. The assembly environments of the standard mould units can be called up directly and can be generated and configured with just a few clicks, resulting in considerable time savings and making the design of injection moulding tools even easier.

Unique combination of offline and online
The unique combination of offline and online tools brings the designers numerous advantages. The uploading of parts lists in the HASCO portal makes it possible to place orders easily and quickly. The HASCO SET interface can be adapted without problem to the user's individual needs, allowing mould-making designers to focus on the important aspects and thus significantly increase efficiency.

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