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Tracking of injection moulding tools

Tracking of injection moulding tools

News 22.11.2021

It happens quite often that injection moulding tools are used at different locations. It may be that the production of plastic parts is moved around, for example, in large companies, or that the moulds are loaned to different injection moulders.

A5900 Presse

Fast localisation of moulds
The new HASCO Loc Check A5900/… makes it possible at any time to establish the location of a mould – worldwide wherever GSM network is available.

Easy-to-use web interface
With the GSM tracking, the location can be called up via an easy-to-use web interface. A maximum of data security is guaranteed through the use of certified servers.

Magnet attachment offers maximum flexibility
A battery charge lasts for more than 3,000 transmission cycles, which, depending on the transmission frequency, corresponds to an operation period of up to three years. With a magnet attachment, the Loc Check A5900/... can be easily mounted directly on the mould. Because the transmitter can be used up to a temperature of 120°C, a flexible attachment on suitable free surfaces is possible.

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