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High-performing hot runner systems for small precision parts

High-performing hot runner systems for small precision parts

News 06.05.2022

As plastic part design continues to push boundaries, and sustainability will be the future for all molders, challenges to injection molding are increasing. Designed for low shot weights, ranging from 0,2 to 30 gr, the multi-cavity series from Oerlikon HRSflow is conceived to enable maximum design flexibility and ensure tight production tolerances at the same time.

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Suitable for a large-scale production of injection molded components, it is the ideal solution when an outstanding surface quality and short cycle times are required as for example in:
• thin wall packaging
• beverage and home
• beauty and personal care
• medical parts
• technical applications

The minimum gate to gate pitch is up to 22 mm for open gate and 25 mm for valve gate with the smallest nozzle pocket of Ø 16 mm.

Oerlikon HRSflow hot half is a fast plug and play solution for the injection molding machine. The internal geometry is suitably profiled to guarantee excellent resistance to bending and torsion, even with high cavitation numbers. The dedicated channel design and the specific coating significantly increase the wear and tear of components, performing also optimized corrosion resistance.

The Company can offer conformal cooling circuits, conceived and built by in-house SLM Technology in case of challenging applications whatever the market segment destination.

On the road towards environmental responsibility
More and more companies are looking to reduce the environmental impact of their products by making use of recycled plastics. Oerlikon HRSflow provides for biopolymers and PCR resins dedicated technical solutions, as they are often characterized by narrow process windows due to thermal or shear sensitivities. Oerlikon HRSflow hot runner systems are furthermore conceived to prevent damages caused by foreign particles accidentally present in the bio or PCR compound. This allows to avoid any streaking or flow marks that could jeopardize the cosmetic and functional result of molding.

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