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WITTMANN launches new temperature controller

WITTMANN launches new temperature controller

News 27.06.2016

The low-cost entry level units of the TEMPRO primus series feature highly functional plug-and-play operation and are suitable for applications that require both, direct and indirect cooling.

With its numerous equipment options, the TEMPRO basic series represents over half of the needs-based production of WITTMANN temperature controllers.


TEMPRO plus D120/1-L.

TEMPRO plus D is the name given to the most advanced temperature controller series. These units are conveniently operated via their touch-screen display. The large number of available options makes it possible to adapt the units to the requirements of just about any existing plastic production application. Different pump and heat outputs can be selected. Other options also include cyclical system water replacement, separate cooling and filling, a purge system that combines suction and pressurized air, an automatic pump bypass, and a temperature-controlled cooling water bypass. A well-selected option can compensate suboptimal local conditions.

The new TEMPRO plus D120/1-L
The latest development is the TEMPRO plus D120/1-L, a generously dimensioned single zone temperature controller with water as a tempering medium. It is designed for a temperature range of up to 120 °C. The “L” in the product name stands for “large” – in reference to this model's large heating and pump capacities. The pump is rated for 4 kW with a maximum pressure of 5.9 bar and a flow rate of 280 l/min. The heating capacity is 36 kW. This unit can be used wherever large machine tools are operated, i.e. especially where production runs initially require high heat output followed by high cooling.

The options that are available for the TEMPRO plus D120/1-L are in principle the same as for the other models of the D range of temperature controllers. The new model is also equipped with a 5,7" user-friendly touch-display. Via this display, the unit can be controlled, and all the different parameters can be read out. Many differing interfaces can be realized. This temperature controller can also be integrated into the control of the processing machine, following the WITTMANN 4.0 concept.

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