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Autodesk and Rescale team up to bring HPC to Moldflow

News 27.06.2016


CAD software giant Autodesk and cloud computing’s Rescale have announced a partnership to bring high performance computing (HPC) resources to Moldflow.

Across the world, one of the most dominant forms of manufacturing is injection molding. But creating a mold that will take into account all of the physical properties that plastics exhibit when injected isn’t that simple. To make the job of designing injection molding tools, Autodesk built Moldflow. With Moldflow, engineers and mold designers can run simulations on mold cavities to understand how an injection process will work in real life.

As you can no doubt imagine, as the complexity of a mold increases, so does the computational expense of running simulations. For many complex products that require a mold to have several moving parts, simulation is critical. The same is true for plastic assemblies that are made up of multiple component. In both cases, if one component in the mold process fails, an entire production schedule can be sidetracked.

Because of those high stakes, it’s absolutely critical that simulations, no matter how complex they may be, can run quickly and efficiently and at a high resolution so that any changes to a design can be made before a mold goes out to be produced. In an effort to make sure that Moldflow users have access to enough computing power to get any job done, Autodesk has struck up a partnership with Rescale. Through this partnership, Moldflow users will be able to leverage Rescale cloud-based HPC infrastructure to spin up all of the GPUs and processing power necessary to complete their project.

 “The ability to dynamically scale available compute power for running Moldflow enables companies to overcome resource bottlenecks and maximize the impact that Moldflow can have on manufacturing costs and quality,” said Seth Hindman of Autodesk.

With this move, Autodesk is further cementing itself as a leader in the movement for cloud-based CAD. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the company bring more products to the cloud and continue to advance the notion that CAD’s future belongs to a world where on-demand computing is the order of the day.


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