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Fewer rejects and greater energy efficiency

Fewer rejects and greater energy efficiency

News 04.07.2016

To mark K 2016, ENGEL has consolidated its systems expertise by expanding its range of intelligent peripherals. The new integrated temperature control solutions include the electronic ENGEL e-flomo temperature control water manifold system, temperature control units with speed-controlled pumps and the new iQ flow control software. Taken together, they improve the stability of injection moulding processes, reduce rejects and raise energy efficiency.

K 2016 ENGEL inject 4.0 4

ENGEL e-flomo and temperature control unit merge at controller level to form a single unit. With the help of the new iQ flow control software, the pump speed is adapted automatically to current requirements.

Automatically regulating pump capacity
A majority of reject parts produced by injection moulding firms around the world are the result of temperature control errors. With this in mind, temperature control has been a central plank of product and technology development at ENGEL for many years. For K 2010, the machine manufacturer has launched ENGEL flomo, an electronic temperature control water manifold system. Replacing high-maintenance cooling water distributors, the system monitors and documents all cooling and temperature control circuits linked to injection moulds. Moreover, the ENGEL e-flomo development facilitates automatic regulation of the flow rate or temperature difference.

ENGEL is now taking the next step at K 2016. ENGEL e‑flomo and temperature control unit merge at controller level to form a single unit. With the help of the new iQ flow control software, the pump speed is adapted automatically to current requirements based on the measurement values determined by ENGEL e-flomo. While ENGEL e-flomo reduces the risk of rejections by enhancing process stability, less energy is required for temperature control thanks to automatic speed control. Since the pump operates according to need rather than at maximum output all the time, stress on moving parts is reduced and temperature control units have a longer service life.

At its stand, ENGEL will present its new temperature control solution in conjunction with temperature control units made by HB-THERM of St. Gallen, Switzerland, which are sold by ENGEL as an integrated solution.

OPC-UA for maximum data security
The iQ flow control software not only determines the ideal speed in each case, but also makes it possible to operate the ENGEL e-flomo and temperature control unit as an integrated system. All temperature control parameters are set, monitored and logged centrally on the display of the injection moulding machine; the ideal operating point for the particular temperature regulating device is automatically calculated and set.

The CC300 control unit of the ENGEL injection moulding machine and the temperature control unit communicate via OPC-UA (Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture). Based on the complete range of functions of OPC-UA, ENGEL has defined a communications model for temperature control units. The strategy is to open this model to also integrate temperature control units of different suppliers in the future. With its service-oriented, platform-independent and freely scalable structure, this communications model offers very high flexibility while guaranteeing a high degree of data security. Technical safety features are an integral part of the model.

inject 4.0 paves the way to the smart factory
ENGEL uses the prefix iQ to denote intelligent, decentralised assistance systems that enable injection moulding firms to optimise the productivity, efficiency, quality and flexibility of their production. In addition to iQ flow control, this product family includes iQ weight control and iQ clamp control.

Decentralised intelligence is a key feature of continually self-optimising production. With its inject 4.0 range, ENGEL is helping clients pave the way towards the smart factory. Already, inject 4.0 offers numerous solutions for the smart machine, smart production and smart service areas. ENGEL is continually expanding the range. At K 2016, the machine manufacturer will reach a new milestone for the smart machine area with iQ flow control.

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