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The advantages of a sole partner

The advantages of a sole partner

News 16.03.2023

With SACMI, customers can integrate neck+cap design by teaming up with the Rigid Packaging Laboratory. For preform lines, SACMI offers the first press on the market to incorporate intensive quality control, now available with the new Classy AI dashboard


A sole supplier
SACMI is the only global supplier of complete technologies for each stage of preform and cap production. Customers can thus rely on a sole provider who oversees every stage of the job order. The SACMI Rigid Packaging Laboratory can design the entire cap-preform system, helping producers achieve greater sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Neck and cap design
From consultancy on neck-cap systems to the best technologies to make them! Through its Laboratory, SACMI develops new standards and products aimed at reducing weight without compromising performance. The outcome: raw material savings, greater environment-friendliness and the ability to develop new, excellently designed, personalised products quickly.

SACMI IPS + CCM, a winning duo
When it comes to cap manufacturing, SACMI leads the world with its Continuous Compression Moulding technology. That leadership is particularly evident in Brazil where SACMI accounts for over 50% of the cap presses on the market, almost two-thirds in the one-piece cap segment. On the preform press front, more than 150 solutions from the SACMI range have been installed worldwide in just a few years, with around twenty going to Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, El Salvador and Mexico. Now, with the IPS 300 (already sold in Brazil), the range is even more extensive: this machine, in fact, offers unmatched low consumption, high productivity and smoothly integrated total quality control.

The advantages of intensive preform quality control
Compared to the spot checks performed by the systems currently available on the market, intensive quality control has obvious advantages:
• fewer incorrect batches
• less waste.

The technology: IPS 300 is the first solution on the market to integrate the vision system directly on the machine. Moreover, this system, known as the SACMI PVS 156, is now available with the advanced Classy AI interface.

Tethered and sport caps
SACMI offers a unique post-processing solution to adapt cap production to the new tethered standard. For the time being, the standard applies in Europe only. However, the world marches on... and it’s best to be prepared.

Note that the latest developments on show at Plastico Do Brasil don't end there. There’ll also be a detailed preview of SACMI's new solution for the production and assembly of complex caps.

A well-equipped sole partner offers local assistance and spare parts in the shortest possible time, ensuring the clients get the most from the investment.

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