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Moretto: energy efficiency as driver of development

Moretto: energy efficiency as driver of development

News 26.08.2023

At Plast 2023, the most important Italian event in the sector, Moretto will participate with a 400 sqm stand and more than 50 machines on display.

otx 120

The revolutionary OTX (Original Thermal eXchanger) hopper

The solutions showcased will embrace all the company's product lines, from conveying to dehumidification, from dosing to granulation, from temperature control and cooling to storage. Solutions that should combine on the one hand the customer's needs, and on the other the objectives of efficiency and sustainability, which are fundamental for reducing production costs and safeguarding the environment in which we live.

One of Moretto's strategic development drivers is the energy efficiency guaranteed by its products. The awareness of customers' needs, the company's commitment and the development of the necessary technology have combined perfectly, leading to innovative solutions in line with the needs of the manufacturing industry, which has electricity as one of its highest costs.

The OTX dehumidification hopper, the result of ingenuity and sophisticated mathematical simulations, ensures a regular flow of material, guaranteeing the correct drying of each individual granule being treated. In addition, optimization of the process parameters has made it possible to reduce the hopper size, technological airflow and treatment time by 40% for the same hourly throughput. The reduction of the hopper size has been possible by the energy efficiency of OTX, which improved by 66% at the same production capacity. Because OTX is not a simple hopper but a concentrate of 7 patents that ensures a perfect execution of the drying process with full control of all working parameters.

But there are additional advantages since the use of a smaller hopper allows the use of a smaller dryer. Furthermore, through the HYPER FLOW turbocompressor, unparalleled energy efficiency is guaranteed. A 1,200 mc/h generator with side channel pumps in continuous operation consumes 16.5 kW/h. A HYPER FLOW turbocompressor for the same performance consumes 4.8 kW/h, guaranteeing energy savings of 11.7 kW/h and cost savings of € 35,800 per year. These are important elements that combined allow tangible energy efficiency that frees up significant resources for business development and growth.

moretto services

Service digitalization

The human at the centre
Moretto, leader in the research and development of new technologies for plastics processing, has oriented its business model by investing in the Human-Machine relationship, one of the most important levers for remaining competitive and innovative. The Veneto-based company considers the centrality of man within its reality for the transition towards the so-called 'Industry 5.0'. The human being is at the centre of the choices that guide the planning, organization and management of production activities with the support of automated machinery and latest-generation robots. It is precisely these values that guide Moretto towards the development of an offer that enhances the creativity and intelligence of human capital, which has always been the driving force behind the company's innovation and success.

The digitalization that enhances the customer service
The digitalization of processes and services is another cornerstone of Moretto's business strategy. The continuous evolutions of the modern world, combined with the need to provide customers with a rapid response, have accelerated the need to provide digital tools to further improve the service offered. For Moretto, service is a real commitment to customers, which is why the company guarantees it worldwide, through trained technicians and specialists. A high level of service is also guaranteed by automated spare parts warehouses, management software and online platforms that allow for real-time responses. The process of digital evolution and service improvement also includes the QR Code project, which will be presented at PLAST 2023.

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