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28. - 30.
August 2024
Asiamold Select
Shenzhen, China
24. - 28.
September 2024
Taipei Plas
Taipei, Taiwan
15. - 19.
October 2024
Friedrichshafen, Germany
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Miniature sensors offer new solutions

Miniature sensors offer new solutions

News 14.09.2023

What will the future of injection molding look like? Thanks to appropriate sensor technology with matching hardware and software, today's users already benefit from intelligent solutions that automatically detect deviations from the standard during the injection molding process, adjust parameters, and separate bad parts by itself. Kistler will show visitors to this year's Fakuma how sustainable use of resources, smart process monitoring and increased digitalization will shape the future of injection molding. Highlights at Kistler's booth will include new firmware versions for the ComoNeo and ComoScout process monitoring systems with extended functionalities, as well as the Stasa QC Optimizer.

injection molding kvc 8210 series rotary plate testing machines 30886

The automatic rotary test plating machines from Kistler's KVC 821 series check surface properties, defects and hardness of injection molded products

Miniature sensors offer new solutions for process monitoring
Visitors to this year's Fakuma 2023 can get to know two new sensors at once, because Kistler is turning the spotlight on a pair of miniature sensors at this event. The 9239B miniature longitudinal measuring pin has a diameter of only 2.5 mm – so it takes up virtually no space when installed in the injection mold and is protected against direct contact with the melt. The 9239B uses a PiezoStar crystal grown by Kistler to measure the pressure-induced compression of the mold during the injection molding process – so it measures the cavity pressure indirectly.

With a diameter of only 3 mm, the 4004A melt pressure sensor can be used directly in injection nozzles and small extruders. A wide operating and measuring range of up to +350°C makes the 4004A resilient under these conditions, and it is especially suitable for 3D printing applications. Until now, high temperatures have made it impossible for manufacturers to implement quality control while the process is actually running.

Kistler is also showcasing the latest versions of its ComoNeo and ComoScout 6.0 process monitoring systems at the 2023 Fakuma. These can now be updated directly via the network; they can complete datasets with the cycle ID from the injection molding machine – and they are fully compatible with the new AkvisIO software.

4004a pressure and temperature sensor 45401

The new 4004A miniature melt pressure sensor from Kistler allows for measuring pressure and temperature directly in the hot runner at up to 350°C.

Artificial intelligence monitors and optimizes injection molding processes
As another highlight, Kistler is presenting its AkvisIO IME (Injection Molding Edition) production data software at Fakuma. Thanks to this modular data analysis software with a host of additional options for analysis, users in the plastics industry can now perform quality-oriented evaluations of their process and machine data directly in the software. Kistler is also working on the integration of AI solutions that can automatically detect malfunctions at an early stage and offer users suggestions for comprehensive process improvements.

The automatic rotary plate testing systems in Kistler's KVC 821 series are specially designed for attributive surface inspection, and they also check for defects and verify the hardness of the manufactured injection-molded parts. An additional benefit: anomaly detection based on artificial intelligence enables the image processing software to identify defects that were previously unknown.

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