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In the course of the future-oriented further development

In the course of the future-oriented further development

News 01.02.2024
ZAHORANSKY - Rothenkirchen

In the course of the future-oriented further development of the group of companies, ZAHORANSKY has sold the production site for injection molds ZAHORANSKY Formen- und Werkzeugbau GmbH in Rothenkirchen (Steinberg) to MT Management GmbH. As part of a management-buy-out, the long-standing managing director and toolmaking expert Monty Tepper will take over the entrepreneurial responsibility. Since 1991, the site has been producing injection molds for a wide variety of plastic products in the personal care and consumer products sector in the Vogtland region of Saxony with around 70 employees. In the future, the company will operate under the name Molding Tec Steinberg GmbH and will continue to focus on the production and sale of molds and tools. The new ownership and management structures will allow for a smooth continuation of business activities.

With the completion of the transaction, ZAHORANSKY has reached a significant milestone in the future-oriented further development of the group of companies and is focusing its production capacities for injection molds on the sites in Freiburg and Coimbatore (India) in order to achieve further synergies between injection molding, automation technology and mechanical engineering. "We would like to thank the employees of ZAHORANSKY GmbH Formen- und Werkzeugbau for their many years of loyalty and commitment and are pleased that the completion of the transaction has secured the jobs of the approximately 70 employees. The management of the companies has decided to continue to work closely together in the future," said Ulrich Zahoransky after signing the contract.

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