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Zeiger Industries showcases its components and assemblies at K 2016

Zeiger Industries showcases its components and assemblies at K 2016

News 02.09.2016
Continuous Taper Front End Package

Zeiger Industries will showcase high-performance screws, valves and assemblies designed for a new Milacron 50-ton Magna T Servo (MTs) machine with a 28-mm ø/140 injection unit that will be running in their booth at the upcoming K 2016 Show.

Zeiger has had a long cooperative relationship with Milacron and is pleased to showcase its Zeiger Performance (ZP™) screws, Mallard® Z4 Check Ring Valves and Continuous Taper Front End (CTFE™) designs for processing on the Milacron machine. It will be fitted with a high-throughput polypropylene-optimized ZP mixing screw. The Milacron machine will also be fitted with a Mallard® Z4 carbide-faced check ring assembly which will be mounted inside of Zeiger Industries’ innovative Continuous Taper End Cap, Nozzle and Nozzle Tip package.

The Zeiger setup delivers many advantages. Not only will processors see reduced cycle times and lower energy consumption, they also can expect faster screw RPM capabilities due to the carbide hard-facing that is applied to the wear surfaces of the valves’ unique front seat and check ring. For the processor who is experiencing corrosive challenges (e.g. fire retardants – HFFR’s) our PM Stainless tool steel base materials provide maximum corrosion and wear resistance as well as superior material release properties (material release is a common problem when molding PC in particular).

LSR Plug-N-Play Conversion Kit small Res

To complete this advanced plasticizing package, Zeiger has mounted CTFE™ package to the Milacron MTs 50-140. The CTFE™ package provides shot-to-shot self-cleaning, which is critical to frequent color change success and which eliminates black specking due to the streamlined flow path that the material takes through the tapered ID of the setup.

Also on display at the show will be Zeiger Industries’ LSR Plug-n-Play conversion kit. It is designed to fit the Milacron MTs 50/140 machine that will be running production during the show. The package allows a molder to quickly and easily convert its existing thermoplastic injection unit to an LSR-capable machine. The LSR Plug-n-Play package is a standard option from Zeiger Industries.

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