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Maximized consistency for hydraulic injection molders

Maximized consistency for hydraulic injection molders

News 13.09.2016

iQ weight control, the world-known software package by ENGEL AUSTRIA, boasts its more than a thousand installations on electric injection molding machines. At the forthcoming K 2016 trade show, ENGEL will put on display a new software version resulting in an even better sustainability of injection molding process on machines equipped with hydraulic injection units.

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iQ weight control smoothens process deviations, avoiding substandard completely. ENGEL’s process support system will also be available for hydraulic machines, counting from K 2016.

Every injection molder strains after highly stable shot quality of molded items. However, even the most precise machine will not guarantee this without a due attention to raw material properties or ambient temperature and humidity changes, as well as to wear. All of these factors may lead to the necessity of parameter readjustment. The advanced iQ weight control package allows for an automatic recognition of slightest deviations and their shot-by-shot real time compensation. This system is implemented in e.g. ENGEL victory and ENGEL duo injection molding machines, resulting in a significant productivity increase and reject prevention.

For this purpose, iQ weight control performs real-time pressure profile analysis through the whole injection process, comparing the obtained values against reference ones. Accordingly, the adjustment of injection profile, switchover point and post-injection pressure is performed shot by shot. Thus, the injected volume is kept exactly the same at any point in the production run.

inject 4.0 concept: on a path to smart factory

ENGEL chose the iQ prefix for a good reason. It symbolizes smart decentralized support systems that allow for quality, efficiency, productivity and flexibility optimization benefiting injection molders. The company believes that the key trait of a smart factory with continuous self-optimization and the very aim of Industry 4.0 is decentralized intelligence. The inject 4.0 concept by ENGEL responds to new challenges in the smart factory field by offering a wide range of products and solutions for every main component of such a factory: smart machines, smart production cycle, and smart service. This range is being constantly enlarged, following innovative developments.

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